PS5 and XboX Series X: Tflops don't matter

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Martí Micolau
Coffee Addict Studio founder believes the difference between PS5 and XboX Series X won't be played on Tflops.

The debate on teraflops and on which of the next two next-generation consoles will or will not have a performance advantage over the other. On the subject, various developers have already made themselves heard, net of the troops already deployed in the usual and inevitable console war. We know in fact from reveal that Xbox Series X will have a numerical advantage, in terms of absolute GPU-generated Tflops, over rival PS5, but few can imagine what this may entail. Also Charles Marcolim, founder and game designer of Coffee Addict Studio, in a recent interview, stated that basically the difference will be minimal.

PS5 and XboX Series X will both have the Tflops you need… for heaven!

The developer essentially said, and he's not the first, that he thinks the power itself wouldn't really make a difference. In reality, something else is needed to decree the success of a console (and a project): for example, the policies focused on software, the choices of quality first-party and independent studios to support, are much more significant.

We always try to make the game as optimized as possible [for underperforming machines], and anything beyond 10 Tflops is just heaven for us, as far as GPUs go. I don't think the absolute power parameter is really important. If it were, the Switch wouldn't be the success it is.

So in confirmation of what were the initial sensations, the hardware of Ps5 and XboX Series X really is preparing to defeat the concept of immersive videogaming that so far we could only imagine, and the challenge will not be played on a few punches of Tflops, but with controllers in hand. Because there is no technical data that wins over emotions. Those emotions that we can't wait to tell you, because the next-gen is closer than you think.

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