Sonic Collection coming?

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Joel Fulleda

A new Sonic collection may be in the pipeline.

A rumor that could make the most hardcore fans of the super-fast blue hedgehog by SEGA happy: a new Sonic themed collection would be about to become available soon. The retailer Sogamely, usually an anticipator of leaks and revelations relating to the mascot of the Tokyo house, thought about throwing the stone into the pond, who put online a PlayStation 4 web page destined to become an exhibition showcase for this new production, in the eventuality was actually made official.

The title, to want to listen to the placeholder, it should be Sonic Collection, however, no further specific information is currently available. Considering that this is the XNUMXth anniversary year for Sonic and the player company, the publication of yet another binary collection dedicated to the porcupine does not appear to be so unlikely. Recall that, a few weeks ago, the hypothesis of a possible remaster of Sonic Colors was leaked through Sogamely.

We hope to find out more as soon as possible. Expect updates as they become available. Stay tuned.

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