Star Wars: The Old Republic, the new expansion arrives

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On the occasion of the upcoming XNUMXth anniversary of Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare has unveiled Legacy of the Sith, the next big expansion that marks the beginning of an exciting new period for the acclaimed MMORPG.

Legacy of the Sith will be based again on the dynamic plot of Star Wars: The Old Republic: players will take part in a military campaign aimed at protecting a planet that, having discovered the definitive plan of the renegade Sith Darth Malgus, proved vital to their faction. The expansion also features improvements to the SWTOR player experience with the new feature, Combat Styles, which expands the options for them, and a number of quality of life updates. Star Wars fans will have the opportunity to rediscover the award-winning story of Star Wars: The Old Republic within Legacy of the Sith this season on PC via and Steam, kicking off the 2022th anniversary celebration that will run throughout XNUMX and will introduce new content, events, updates and more.

Legacy of the Sith will take players on an adventure to the edge of the galaxy, including the water planet of Manaan, in search of Darth Malgus. The main update will increase the maximum number of levels players can reach from 5 to 80. The toughest challenges ever in Star Wars: The Old Republic will also be introduced by new collaborative missions, including a Flashpoint set in a tomb in a mountaintop on the remote planet Elom, and an operation that takes place among the remains of a research station in deep space.

The latest expansion will introduce the new feature Combat Styles, which further expands SWTOR's deep personalized experience. Combat styles will allow players to realize their ultimate Star Wars fantasy, independently choosing a specific class story and combining it with skill sets from other tech classes or related weapons. Players old and new can also expect improvements in the creation of their next Star Wars character, through an improved character creation system. Updates to item and gear experiences and streamlined class design also further enhance the Star Wars: The Old Republic experience for all players.

► Star Wars: The Old Republic is an RPG-type game published by Electronic Arts LucasArts for PC, the video game was released on 20/12/2011

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