Diablo Immortal Bestiary: How to Cultivate Monster Essence to Level Up

Diablo Immortal Bestiary: How to Cultivate Monster Essence to Level Up

Diablo Immortal has a Bestiary that tracks all the enemies - creatures, demons, undead, cultists - you face in Sanctuary. The Bestiary not only contains valuable information for each item, it also gives you bonuses to Life and Damage. The more entries you block for the Bestiary, the more bonuses you receive. The following guide will tell you all about how to unlock and level up the Bestiary in Diablo Immortal.

How to unlock the bestiary in Diablo Immortal

The Bestiary will be unlocked after completing the Horadric Bestiary mission which will take you to the Dark Wood. You have to pick up the book which is the Bestiary itself from a shrine and it will later be included in the menu.

Since Bestiary is just like the other collectibles in the game, you can find it in different locations throughout the game. In addition to dark wood, you can also find it in the courtyard of Westmarch's palace. There it can be found inside a shrine next to a large statue.

How to level up the bestiary (fill the pages of the bestiary) in Diablo Immortal

The first and foremost way to level up your Bestiary is to fill in the pages of the Bestiary. The page number of the Bestiary directly corresponds to your Bestiary level. To fill the single page of the Bestiary, you must kill the creatures and produce ten Monstrous Essences.

Killing ten of them will level up a Bestiary after opening the Bestiary from the menu. The inventory can only contain ten Monstrous Essences. If you then farm more, your Bestiary levels will not increase and will be wasted.

To address this, go to the menu as soon as you see that you have grown ten Monstrous Essences and swap them for a new page. There is one more thing to note here. The game has assigned a quota of 3 pages per day for uncovering the pages.

There is another way to level up your Bestiary. He cultivates monster essences by killing enemies from the Bounty Board. Simply accept the bounty from the Bounty Board and kill the enemy.

Diablo Immortal Monster Essence Farm Locations

You can find Monster Essence anywhere on the map as you do your missions and bounties, but some locations have a high drop rate compared to other areas. We have chosen the places where you can cultivate the maximum monster essence possible.

Currently, the best agricultural place where the drop rate is high is in the Shassar Sea. To go there, select Oasis Waypoint and head east of the waypoint to farm Monster Essence. You can also go to tall monster spawning areas like Ashworld Cemetery and Frozen Tundra.

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