Diablo Immortal 100 Slaughter Bonus Combat Tips

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Diablo Immortal is all about leveling up your character to become as powerful as possible. To do this, you need every little trick and advice to increase the number of experience points (XP) earned as you progress. The following guide will explain how to get the Massacre Bonus to give you a small XP boost in Diablo Immortal.

How to get 100 massacre bonus in Diablo Immortal

To clarify further, the Massacre Bonus is a buff that helps you earn more XP for the duration of the fight. To get the Slaughter Bonus, you need to chain as many kills as possible.

There is a small window of time after each enemy has been killed where you can continue taking down additional enemies to keep the chain moving forward.

Each enemy killed during the combo increases your XP bonus by a small amount. If the window expires and you have not killed any enemies, the counter will reset and you will lose your slaughter bonus.

If you manage to advance this chain up to 100 kills, the slaying bonus of 100 will be activated. With the slaying bonus of 100, you will get the maximum XP provided by the kill chain buff. It's useful to keep the slaying bonus of 100 if you're looking to grind as quickly as possible.

Teaming up with other players is one of the best ways to ensure that the 100 slaughter bonus lasts as long as possible. Run dungeons like the Forgotten Tower for its close arrangement with your party to chain this bonus for as long as possible. It will be easier to find and kill enemies here than in the open world.

Take note that 100 Slaughter Bonus is the maximum limit. You will not increase your XP boost once you hit 100 kills.

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