Diablo Immortal Purify the Corruption Event Guide

Each area of ​​Diablo Immortal contains a special event. These events once completed can be very fruitful in terms of rewards. The Purify the Corruption event in Diablo Immortal is one such event that can be repeated multiple times to farm rewards.

How to start purifying the corruption event in Diablo Immortal

Purify the corruption event occurs in Dark Wood. You can get started whenever you want as this event is almost always available. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that Purify the Corruption Event's cooldown in Diablo Immortal is 20-21 minutes after its completion.

Diablo Immortal Purify the Corruption Event Procedura dettagliata

Purify the Corruption, a zone event in Dark Wood requires you to defeat enemies throughout the dark zone. Checking bounties or shadow contracts / immortal daily objectives in Dark Wood is the best way to approach this event. You will be able to achieve numerous goals in the area at the same time this way.

In Dark Wood, kill any demon, Bloodsworn or monster until the corruption progress meter reaches 100%.

You can use the Inifuss Tree to clean up corruption when it reaches 100 percent. Corruption will appear as a shadow clone that you must destroy to get rewards. Go to the Inifuss Tree and click on the tree when the progress indicator reaches 100%.

A shadow clone will appear and the battle will be timed. A countdown can be seen above the shadow clone. To defeat the shadow clone, you will have 88 seconds.

Unfortunately, unlike most other zone events, Purify Corruption rewards Glowing Shard instead of Enchanted Dust, so it's not that profitable.

How to farm cleanses the corruption event in Diablo Immortal

The top left bar tracks your corruption rate. The best farming area for the Purify the Corruption Event is north of the Rogue Encampment, near the Nesting Grounds.

Probably the best way to cultivate this event is to kill the blood rose near the nesting grounds. You can kill Bloodrose on multiple difficulties. If he is available, you can kill him in both Hell1 and Hell 2. This will give you around 10% for your corruption bar. Apart from that, you can also cultivate corruption by killing all the other enemies as well.

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