Hot Wheels Unleashed: new gameplay video released

The video reveals the second setting of the game.

After having already shown the Garage, the first setting present within Hot Wheels Unleashed, Mattel and Milestone also showed the Skyscraper. Publisher and developers have in fact decided to release a new gameplay video today which allowed the public to take a look at the second setting of the title as well.

The new path shown by the Hot Wheels Unleashed gameplay video is totally focused on verticality, which will be able to give a large dose of spectacularity. The track, in fact, is located in the construction site of a skyscraper under construction and includes tracks on all three floors into which the building is divided.

The movie, as well as showing glimpses of an adrenaline-fueled race, allowed the developers to unveil another 6 of the approximately 60 cars featured in Hot Wheels Unleashed. In particular, the toy cars that can be seen in the video are:

  • Mountain Maule r;
  • Fast Gassin 4 Motosaurus;
  • Boom Car;
  • Sandivore;
  • Bump Around;
  • Buns of Steel

We remember that Hot Wheels Unleashed, expected on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox consoles and PlayStation consoles, will be available starting September 21, 2021.

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