Legacy of Kain: coming soon?

A return for Legacy of Kain is expected to be announced later this year, with a remaster planned for consoles not yet defined

Revival of cult series has been in vogue lately, be it official like NEO The World Ends With You or spiritual sequels like Bloodstained. It would not surprise us, therefore, a possible return of Legacy of Kain, one of the cult series that has long since disappeared from the gaming industry without leaving any clue that suggests a continuation.

However, a remaster for Legacy of Kain is expected to be announced soon. It should be unveiled before the end of the current year. To suggest it is the leaker Special Nick, who has already foreseen Hades on the Xbox Gamepass, various details of Starfield and the still unconfirmed Ghost of Ikishima.  The hopes are there, given the leaker's pedigree, especially if Ikishima is confirmed. We just have to wait and hope for the return of Legacy of Kain.

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