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The new footage, shown during the showcase, has provided new information on some characters!

The showcase set by Capcom, during the evening of April 15, it turned out to be full of surprises: announcements and trailers followed one another, gradually revealing many more details on all the projects currently in the pipeline and concerning the franchise resident evil. To be included among the latter and, perhaps, among the most anticipated, was Resident evil village, the latest chapter from the upcoming series, which was shown through a completely new trailer.

The movie, entirely dedicated to the narrative component of the game, allows us to finally understand what the choice of the title of the new chapter is due to, or “Village”. In fact, in the few minutes of the video, citizens are presented who, apparently, would live in a universe made of total terror and darkness, to which they would like to oppose but without success.

To excite the spectators and those who look forward to the arrival of the most Resident evil village it was the - however brief - appearance of the tall vampire, Lady Dimitrescu, as well as of her creepy aide Heisenberg, both intent on showing their true evil natures.

The presence of Chris Redfield, a character known to fans of the franchise, was a detail already known, yet the trailer has revealed a completely new aspect. The Chris of RE Village will be completely different from the protagonist known in the previous chapters: according to the movie, in fact, he will show a much darker side of himself and will not immediately reveal his own projects and reasons for his presence.

At the end of the trailer Capcom he also pleased all the fans by announcing the presence of the mode The Mercenaries, designed to further expand the gaming experience offered by Village through continuous and increasingly difficult to face challenges. To support players in facing these challenges will be the Merchant Duke who, in addition to being present in the main campaign, will offer unique weapons and physical abilities.

Capcom finally took advantage of the showcase to announce the arrival of a demo that is available starting at 01:00 h BST / 02:00 h CEST on May 2nd, will offer players 60 minutes to explore the atmosphere of the castle and the village. Prior to the demo, which will have a pre-load option starting April 30, players PlayStation 4 e PlayStation 5 will have two early access opportunities to the title. The first will offer an 8-hour window, with half an hour of play for each section, and will be available starting at 17:00 h UTC / 18: 00 h BST / 19:00 h CEST on April 18th (with pre-load option as of April 16). The second demo, available from April 25 at 17:00 h UTC / 18:00 h BST / 19:00 h CEST with a pre-loading option also starting from April 16th at 00:00 h BST / 01:00 h CEST, it will offer the castle area instead. 

Resident evil village will land on instead PC and console PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S starting May 7. 

► Resident Evil Village is an Adventure-type game developed and published by Capcom for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it will be released in 2021

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