That Day We Left, a video game about the refugee crisis

It is inevitable that the rampant socio-political crises of recent years are also reflected in media productions, in cinema as well as in video games: we have seen it with RIOT, Made in Italy video game about street clashes, e This War of Mine, international success that shows the war from the point of view of civilians, and today we announce That Day We Left, a production by the Innervoid Interactive team (whom we interviewed last year).

That Day We Left is a 3D adventure that aims to offer a plausible portrait of the current humanitarian and political refugee crisis, directly from the refugee point of view but maintaining absolute neutrality and impartiality in the narrative. 

Similarly to ICY, the previous production of Innervoid, the game will place a lot of emphasis on the choices of the players, combining elements of gameplay typical of graphic adventures and survival games.

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