Diablo Immortal Amulets: How to Get, Use & Upgrade

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Spells add skill buffs / buffs to your character in Diablo Immortal. They increase the rank / level of your character's specific skills.

When you receive a spell, it is at rank 1 and has only one ability. These charms can be upgraded later to add more skills. The maximum level you can upgrade with a pendant is at level 5, which means they can give you around 5 skill bonuses at most.

A pendant serves as an equipment set, contain the 13th gear slot. This means that you can only equip 1 amulet at a time and it will only be able to work with a specific character as Gears cannot be switched between two different characters. Therefore, it is quite important to find a pendant with the desired skill bonus.

The following guide will explain how to get and upgrade charms in Diablo Immortal.

Table of contents 1) How to get amulets in Diablo Immortal 2) How to upgrade spells in Diablo Immortal 2.1) Upgrade spells 2.2) Rescue spells 2.3) Spell extraction 2.4) Impregnating spells

How to get amulets in Diablo Immortal

There are two methods by which you can get amulets in Diablo Immortal. You can get 1 pendant per day by completing all daily bounties, or you can purchase them from the Hilts merchant.

  • Sizes: Earn bounties every day in Diablo Immortal. After completing all the bounties, you will be rewarded with a random charm.
  • Hilts Traders: Pendants can also be purchased from Hilts Traders. They can be found in the Limited Time tab, which means they will update from time to time. You can buy 1 charm for 100 Hilts and only a few charms in the time frame until they update.
  • Pass battaglia: You can also get amulets via the Battle Pass.

How to upgrade spells in Diablo Immortal

Charms can be upgraded or modified via a Charm Craftsman. You can find a charm craftsman named Vas Concellos in Westmarch. A Charming Craftsman can offer you a variety of services.

Upgrade Spells

You can increase the rank of a spell through the "Upgrade" service offered by the charm craftsman. The initial rank of a pendant is 1, but it can be upgraded to rank 5 at the most.

Alchemical powder is needed to upgrade the charms. You can initially upgrade a Grade 1 to Grade 2 Charm with 10 Alchemical Dust, but the prices go up consecutively, meaning that to upgrade a Grade 5 Charm, you will need 50 Alchemical Dust.

Rescue spells

You can use the "Rescue" service offered by the Charm Craftsman to retrieve spells. Receive alchemical powder by recovering charms, which in turn can be used to increase the rank of charms. You can use this service to get rid of all unwanted charms and use the received alchemical powder to upgrade the desired charms.

Retrieving a grade 1 charm will give you 10 alchemical dust, you will receive an extra 10 for each higher rank, which means a level 5 rank will be worth 50 alchemical dust.

Extraction of spells

Spells can be converted into skill stones. You can do this through the “Extract” service offered by a Charm Craftsman. However, converting spells into skill stones costs 500 platinum, but they can prove to be quite useful because you can use them in Imbuing.

Impregnating spells

You can use the “Imbue” service offered by the Charm Craftsman to transfer a skill bonus from one spell to another. To do this, you need to convert one spell (which has the skill bonus you want to transfer to the other) into a skill stone, then transfer one of its skill bonuses to another spell.

While this service may seem pretty promising for converting bad spells into good ones, there is a catch. You can select which skill you want to transfer to the desired amulet, but you cannot select which skill will be replaced by the desired amulet instead of the one from the Skill Stone. Basically, it allows you to replace a random ability of a Charm with a specific ability of the Stone of the ability. However, there is only a 20% chance to transfer the skill you want.

Also, you cannot add skill buffs together. For example, if you dip a skill with 8% damage onto one with 2% damage, you won't get 10% total damage, but the 2% will be replaced by 8% damage.

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