How to get glowing shards in Diablo Immortal

Upgrading and resizing items in a game are just as important as adding new ones to your arsenal. Each game has a different mechanic for updating items. Diablo Immortal requires Luminous Shards. In this guide, we will discuss in detail the glowing shards in Diablo Immortal, where to find them and how to use them.

Where to find bright shards in Diablo Immortal

Bright Shards are materials that are used to upgrade your weapons or other items once they are at level 5. You will no longer be able to upgrade your items with just enchanted dust and scrap materials.

In addition to Enchanted Dust and Scrap Materials, Diablo Immortal will now require Luminous Shards to further upgrade an item beyond level 5.

While it may seem like an annoying mechanic that you need special items to do the same thing you did, but this is the kind of thing that will keep players grinding for longer periods and keep it interesting.

Bright Shards, Scrap Materials, and Enchanted Dust are all acquired with virtually the same methods as in the game. The amount varies from method to method and on your luck.

You can get bright shards through the following methods

  • By completing the dungeons
  • By recovering legendary items from the blacksmith
  • Completion of immortal and shadow events
  • By opening the chest of free daily rewards

How to use glowing shards in Diablo Immortal

The bright shards are very simple to use. After upgrading your item to level 5, the next upgrade will require glowing shards.

Get bright shards with any of the methods mentioned above and now to use it, go to any blacksmith, then go to the upgrade tab. There, select the item you want to upgrade that requires bright shards and click upgrade.

In addition to upgrading items, you can also use Bright Shards to purchase enigmatic crystals which are used to upgrade secondary slot items. To purchase enigmatic crystals, simply go to a material supplier to forge and exchange your glowing shards for enigmatic crystals.

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