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Slaying demons is not an easy job and the demon killers and demon killers in Diablo Immortal need various resources and services because there is no time to do it alone. Fortunately, the world of Diablo Immortal has all the merchants you might need in the game. This guide will introduce you to all merchants in Diablo Immortal and the services they provide in detail.

Most of the Diablo Immortal merchants can be found in Westmarch. Some of the most important merchants can be found in other places as well, for example in the main hub of each area.

Table of contents 1) Diablo Immortal Traders 1.1) Blacksmith 1.2) Jeweler's Apprentice 1.3) Craftsman Charm 1.4) Crest Merchant 1.5) Crystal Merchant 1.6) Fading Ember Trader 1.7) Honor Trader 1.8) Identifier 1.9) Rarity and Antiquity Trader 1.10) Reforged the stone seller

Immortal Traders of Diablo

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Location of the blacksmith: Blacksmith can be found in Westmarch, within Elder Rifts and Wortham in Diablo Immortal. Charsi is the main blacksmith you will find in Westmarch.

Locksmith services

Blacksmith is one of the basic merchants providing the most crucial services in general.

Blacksmith's most important service is the ability to update and repair your items. You can use upgrade and crafting material to upgrade and repair your tools. You can only level up rare and legendary items using all the items you can get by recovering.

The next most important use of a locksmith is saving. This service allows you to break down items you don't need in the game to get upgrades and crafting material.

The materials you get depend on the quality of the item you have recovered, and if you decide to retrieve an item that you have previously upgraded, you will recover all the material you have placed in the upgraded item.

In case you want special bonuses on your legendary items, you can also Reforged your items. Reforge allows you to modify a chosen bonus on your item. You will need to use a family-specific reforging stone to guarantee the bonus you want.

Finally, you have the option to transfer grades from one of your articles to the other. This allows you to increase the rank of your items in the game and even transfer your gems from one weapon to another.

You also have the option to Refine Slag from the Blacksmith.

Jeweler apprentice

Position of the jeweler apprentice: The jeweler apprentice named Seril is located in the Rakkis Plaza area of ​​the city of Westmarch.

Jewelery services

The basic function of the jeweler is that this merchant allows you to set gems into items with gem grabbing in Diablo Immortal. These gems are found in your adventures around the world.

When you get the runes, you need to take them to the jeweler to create legendary gems. The attributes of these gems are randomly determined at the time of creation.

You can also upgrade your existing gems at the jeweler. To do this, you need multiple gems of the same type such as Normal Red, Normal Blue or Normal Yellow, or the Legendary Gems. You can only combine the same type of gems to upgrade them from the jeweler.

Charm Craftsman

Location of the charm craftsman: Vas Concellos the Charm Craftsman is located in Westmarch, near the Rakkis Plaza Waypoint, right next to the Identifier.

Charm craftsman services

Charm Craftsman allows you to upgrade, recover and instill charms in Diablo Immortal.

Recovery spells give you Alchemical Dust, the basic item you need to upgrade any of your charms.

Other than that, you can use this alchemical powder to power up any pendant you are using. You will receive random bonuses to spell attributes.

Finally, Charm Craftsman allows you to take out or impregnate your charms. You need skill stones to do this. Infusion replaces one of the empowered abilities on a spell with a randomly chosen ability from the abilities imprinted on the ability stone.

Crest Merchant

Crest Merchant Location: Jondo Mouren the Merchant Crest is located in Westmarch. It is next to Elder Rifts and Bounty Board in the courtyard of the building.

Crest Trader Services

The Crest Merchant sells rare and legendary coats of arms. You can buy as many badges as you need, but for this you need to get the Eternal Orbs.

In case you don't own the Eternal Orb, you are limited to only purchasing 1 badge per day.

Crystal Merchant

Position of the crystal trader: Luuko the Crystal Merchant is located in Westmarch, next to the Apprentice Jewelcrafter in Rakkis Plaza.

Crystal dealer services

Crystal Merchant sells Echo Crystal. These are used to upgrade your normal gems above rank 5 in Diablo Immortal.

Charcoal trader fading

Position of the fading ember dealer: Endangered Ember Merchant Cellik can be found near Elders' Gates and Bounty Tables in the West March Palace Courtyard.

Services of the fading coal merchant

Fading Ember Trader will sell you a variety of Legendary Gems and Legendary Runes. The problem is that you have to pay them in Fading Embers, which you get by upgrading Elder Rifts with Crests.

Merchant of honor

Position of the merchant of honor: Fizriah the Honorable Merchant is located in West March, at the northeast corner of the Palace Courtyard.

Merchant services of honor

The Merchant of Honor sells items of honor, immortal items, and limited-time items.

General items include items such as a Legendary Crest, Rare Crest, Random Mystery Legendary Item, Legendary Gems, and Slag. These can only be purchased once a week.

Immortal items include special goods that are for the immortals as a reward that helped protect the Shrine. They are only available to Immortals and items can only be purchased once a week.

Time-limited items change every certain number of hours and are displayed at the top. You have the option to turn on notifications when articles become available


Location of the identifier: Lanali the Identifier is located in Westmarch near the Rakkis Plaza Waypoint, next to Charm Craftsman.

Identification services

If you have acquired legendary items with unknown stats, the identifier will help you discover them.

Merchant of rarities and antiquities

Location of the dealer of rarity and antiquities: Yakin is the dealer of rarities and antiquities and can be found in the Westmarch market area.

Merchant services of rarity and antiquity

Yakin allows you to Bet in Diablo Immortal. You can play up to 20 times a day in the game. Gambling is also a great way to get legendary items, but since it's a game of chance, you can also lose a lot.

You also have the option to purchase mystery items and the price for each purchase will increase after the purchase of each subsequent item.

As your level increases, the level of all equipment will also increase accordingly.

Reforged the stone seller

Location of the stone trader of Reforge: Yverius is the Reforge stone seller in Westmarch.

Reforged the Stone Merchant

As the name suggests, the Reforge Stone vendor sells you Reforge Stones which you can use to modify the bonuses you get on your legendary items.

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