Diablo Immortal: Dark Forest Map Zone Guide

As you progress through the story of Diablo Immortal, you will eventually reach Dark Wood to hunt down the Countess and her loyal Bloodsworn. The Brotherhood of the Blind Eye will assist you in the area as you search for the Worldstone Fragment. We have created this guide to provide you with details on all the ins and outs of the Dark Wood zone in Diablo Immortal.

Table of Contents 1) Diablo Immortal Darkwood Zone Map Overview 2) Diablo Immortal Darkwood Quest Series 2.1) Luciano's Hope 2.2) Blood Faithful Lair 2.3) The Horadrico Bestiary 2.4) Collect Reagents 2.5) Between Two Evils 2.6) Inifuss Tree 2.7) Blood Resurrection 2.8) Delivering the Shards 2.9) Shardbearer 2.10) Obtain a Weapon Shield 2.11) Tools of the Trade 2.12) Answers in the East 2.13) The Need for a Captain 2.14) In the Dock 3) How to Farm Dark Wood Zone in Diablo Immortal 3.1) Purifying the Corruption Zone Event 3.2) Dark Wood Code Objectives 3.3) Forgotten Tower Dungeon

Diablo Immortal Dark Wood Area Map Overview

After finishing the quest lines with Deckard Cain and Charsi in Westmarch, you go back and talk to Charsi, who will give you an item given to you by the Brotherhood. A portal will open that will take you to Darkwood Zone.

Once in Darkwood, unlock the Waypoint to your left and complete the "Opening the Way" reward that you may have activated in Westmarch. You will need to kill 60 Bloodsworns to complete the bounty. Once the bounty is completed, you will be able to access the Clan feature.

Diablo Immortal Dark Wood quest line.

You will start with a named quest. pietranera village when you enter Darkwood. You will have to help a wounded man who will give you a letter to deliver and ask you to save his daughter.

Luciano's hope

After interacting with the wounded man, you will get a new quest called Lucian's Hope. Investigate the town of Blackstone.

Then you will find Alyssa and save her from Bloodsworn's attack. Talk to Alyssa, after the dialogues end, you will be on your way to Kashya.

You will be ambushed on your way which will end in tragedy.

Lair of the blood faithful

After dealing with the outcome, you will talk to Kashya about seeking revenge. Then you will go to Bloodsworn Den. Upon entering the Den, you will fight multiple Bloodsworns along the way until you find Hemlir, who you must free.

After clearing and exhausting your dialogues, Kashya will also come and ask you to deal with Lakri.

Lakri is not much of a threat, so defeating her would be child's play. After defeating a portal, it will open in front of you, which will take you out of the lair.

The Horadrian Bestiary

After leaving the lair, you will find Isolde right in front of you. Interact with her and she will give you the location of the Rogue Battlecamp where Kashya and Hemlir.

Once you reach the camp, avoid the fallen attacking Liene and then talk to her. After talking to her, complete the next quests you get inside the camp.

Collect the reagents

Next, you will go to the Arach's lair in Darkwood. Defeat the Crimson Arach to get his eye. You will then travel to Fetid Swamp for the blood flower thorn. Once you reach the location, you will encounter the Vassarici Priestess, who you will have to defeat to get the blood flower thorns.

He is easy to defeat as he is not much of a threat. After obtaining the blood flower thorn, you will travel to the bonfire in the fallen village.

You will find a fallen matriarch at the entrance of the fallen village. Defeat her to enter the village. Find the blackened branch at the bonfire and then return all the components to Hemlir on the battlefield.

between two evils

Talk to Hemlir and Akara to get information about the failed rituals. Hess will create a leg armor that you must collect before going to the Camp of Doom. At the camp, Hemlir asks you to search for the source of the dark magic.

After arriving at the camp, eliminate 9 cultists and then take the Ember of Dark Magic.

Inifuss Tree

Take the embers to the Inifuss Tree and meet Hemlir. When you get there, you will have to defend Hemlir from Bloodsworn or the mission will fail if he dies. When the ritual begins, protect Hemlir from the Bloodsworn.

After completing the ritual, Hemlir's shadow clone will appear and you must defeat it. Talk to Hemlir to exhaust his dialogue. Talk to Flavie, she will ask you to go to Sanguine Ruins.

blood resurrection

Once you get to the Ruins, follow the Bloodsworns. He will lead you to Liene. Exhaust her dialogue and then enter Blood Rose's lair. Defeat Blood Rose and then you will meet Lakri. He will then revive the Blood Rose again. It may be necessary to defeat him again.

Once defeated, leave the lair and talk to Akara just outside the lair. After exhausting his dialogues, he will ask you to go to the Forgotten Tower. Enter the tower and defeat waves of enemies along the way until you find the Countess.

Deliver the fragments

After defeating the Countess, Kashya will ask you to join her outside the tower. After running out of her dialogues, you will return to Westmarch.

Fragment Bearer

When you return to Westmarch, go talk to Deckard Cain and exhaust his dialogue. Help Cain in the ritual. Later, defend yourself from the demons that will be generated from the shards. Exit the workshop.

Obtain a coat of arms

Go talk to the Crest Merchant next to Elder Rift. He will ask you to complete the Rift Challenges. Finish the challenges and then talk to the merchant again.

Tools of the trade

Head to Charsi's forge and talk to her. He will give you a piece of armor to help his sisters.

answers in the east

Head back to Cain's Workshop and talk to Cain about the research. After exhausting your dialogue, examine the rack and then talk to Cain again. Exit the workshop and go to Wolf City Tavern. Talk to the bartender inside the tavern.

The Need for a Captain

Exit the tavern and defeat the pirates. After defeating them, talk to Jacktar Brute. Then talk to Captain Rehm. Exhaust his dialogue and go to the dock.

to the dock

After arriving at the dock, talk to Cain there, exhaust his dialogue and then talk to Captain Rehm again and set sail for the Shassar Sea.

How to farm Dark Wood Zone in Diablo Immortal

There are many different ways to get Darkwood Zone rewards.

Purify Corruption Zone Event

Purify Corruption is the main repeatable event within the Darkwood Zone. There are more elites you must kill in the area to earn corruption points and once you fill up the corruption meter, you must purify yourself.

Bloody Rose

The Blood Rose appears every 20 minutes after your defeat. Defeat it several times to get 100 percent corruption. You can also corrupt yourself by killing other mobs. Once full, you will travel to the Inifuss Tree to summon your shadow clone and defeat it for rewards.

Darkwood Code Objectives

There are 7 ways to gain experience from the code which is one time only.

  • You will unlock the Horadric Bestiary.
  • Find the source of corruption in the Dark Forest.
  • Complete the Forgotten Tower Dungeon
  • Equip a level 20 rare item
  • Earn 150 battle points
  • Complete the series of quests for Darkwood Zone

Forgotten Tower Dungeon

Finally, each zone has its own dungeon that you can farm for juicy rewards. The Darkwood area has Forgotten Tower as its dungeon that you must clear. After defeating The Countess, you will be rewarded with 5 bonus chests if you managed to defeat the enemies in the dungeon within the time limit.

Considering how easy the Forgotten Tower dungeon is, with only 2 bosses inside, this is an ideal farming location even after clearing it as part of the story.

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