Diablo Immortal Kion’s Ordeal Raid Guide

Several events in Diablo Immortal are exclusive to certain groups of players, such as the Vault Raid for Shadow Player. Just like Immortals in Diablo Immortal, there's Kion's Ordeal Raid. This exclusive guide shares all the details about Kion's Ordeal Raid in Diablo Immortal and how you can go inside and collect the loot from it.

What is Kion's ordeal

In Diablo Immortal, if you are an immortal elite or higher, you can participate in a raid consisting of 48 players. The 48 players are divided into 4 teams of 12. There are 4 portals and 12 people can enter a portal.

This is a weekly mission, so you must attend every week to get Daedessa's blessings. There are certain levels and after each week your level will be updated. Each passing level provides you with greater loot and more difficult tasks.

How to enter the Kion ordeal

The eligibility criteria to participate in Kion's Ordeal are that you must be Elite Immortal, The Immortals, or Lieutenant. Each team has a lieutenant, and any of the four lieutenants on each team can unlock the raid using Essentia.

After unlocking the raid, the teams enter the room which has 4 portals. Each team will be assigned a portal and will have to collectively defeat the Tormentor boss. This means 12 people have 30 minutes to fight a boss. Easy enough if you ask me.

To progress through the Eternal Crown, you need the Dominion. The game allows you to play multiple raids in one day if you choose more difficulty. The more time you've played the raid, the better your chances of earning rewards.

A higher rank in your Eternal Crown allows you to have more Dominion. All of these things are people's guesses until players play Kion's Ordeal. We will also update as soon as it is released.

How to get your loot after completing Kion's ordeal

Once you've defeated the bosses in Kion's Ordeal Raid and secured Daedessa's blessings. So get out of your portals. All players are now in the center of the arena.

In the center are six chests and each chest contains a piece of equipment. There will be four rounds of the lottery and, in each round, you will have a chance to receive a reward.

The first round has six chests, the second round has five chests, and continues until there are three chests left. The way it works is that you have to stand in the chest proximity circle in order to participate.

At the top of each chest, you'll see a piece of equipment, and if you want that equipment, then it's in that chest's proximity circle.

Everyone in that proximity circle gets a random number assigned by the game, and the one who gets the highest number gets the equipment from the chest you were in.

Only one person standing among four or five players gets a reward and your odds drop after each lottery because a chest is removed after each round, so there's no guarantee for a reward.

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