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Telegram has now conquered a place at the forefront of the instant messaging applications most loved by smartphone owners. Whether it is for its versatility or for the care of all aspects related to privacy, Telegram has in fact joined and in some cases replaced WhatsApp for quick communications. So, I imagine that you too have decided to subscribe to Telegram, so as not to remain the only one in your group of friends who has not yet known the wonders of the Russian app. The first approach to the application, however, may have created a little discomfort, since, despite the apparent simplicity, there are several aspects that do not convince you. First of all, you will have noticed that your mobile number is a partially "accessory" element, as it is not essential for chatting. In fact, it is enough to know the username of a person to be able to contact them freely. Which, of course, takes away at least some of the control you have over your privacy.

I am sure that, for this reason, after having "gimmicked" a little about the application, you have asked the Web how not to be seen on Telegram. On the other hand, you know, there is no price for peace of mind, and instant messaging applications can sometimes be a source of disturbance, or even anxiety. If you are here, however, regardless of the reason that drives you, I think you will find useful information. In fact, I thought I'd dedicate an entire tutorial to the topic, hoping to resolve some of your doubts regarding making yourself invisible in Telegram chats. I will help you make the most of all the security features of the application, so that your privacy and your quiet life are not compromised.


  • Can you be spied on Telegram?
  • How Telegram ticks work
  • Can the contact info on Telegram be removed?
  • What is the point of making yourself invisible on Telegram?
  • How to be invisible on Telegram
    • Reading messages from notifications
    • Temporary blocking of a contact
    • Deactivation of the time of the last visit
    • Mark a message as unread on Telegram
    • App to hide logins on Telegram
      • Unseen per Android
    • Mod per modalità ghost your Telegram
      • Mobogram
    • Bot to spy on Telegram conversations
    • Hiding online on Telegram from PC
      • Close the Telegram desktop client
    • Using a secondary telephone number
  • How not to show that you have Telegram

Can you be spied on Telegram?

Have you ever had to deal with some contact particularly attentive to your online status on Telegram, right? I'm sure the classic question was: “Why didn't you answer? I saw you were online ”. In you, you will have felt a surge of anger.

The truth is that instant messaging systems have also made us a bit of "communication slaves", which always seem to have to be swift, forced and timeless. Moreover, there are many ways to improperly violate the privacy of others, of which I have already told you in the guide dedicated to how to spy on Telegram. You will then understand that, although Telegram is one of the safest instant messaging apps, the attention to privacy is never too much.

How Telegram ticks work

In light of what I have said so far, to maximize privacy in chat, I recommend that you also take into consideration aspects that may seem marginal to you, such as ticks, which define the confirmation of delivery and reading of each message.

In fact, you must know that Telegram uses a system of encoding the status of sending and reading messages a little different from that of WhatsApp. Specifically, Telegram reports messages with:

  • Single check, a message that has been sent to the Telegram cloud and notified to the contact (provided that this has not silenced the chat);
  • Double check, a message that was read by the recipient directly, through the opening of the Telegram chat.

As you can understand, therefore, attention to one's privacy also passes through very small precautions, such as opening Telegram only if you are willing to respond.

If you are particularly sensitive to the subject and would like to know more, I invite you to consult the guide in which I explained how to read Telegram messages without viewing, in which you can find really interesting ideas.

Can the contact info on Telegram be removed?

Partially. Unfortunately, Telegram does not give the possibility to completely remove the information relating to the contact's activity. However, the application allows you to make them less precise, using some options located in the Settings> Privacy and Security path.

In that section, you will be able to restrict access to:

  • Phone Number. You can decide whether to make it public, restrict it to your contacts, or even not show it at all. You can also decide whether to be found on Telegram through your phone number, by anyone or only by those who already have your contact in the address book. Finally, you can decide to share your phone number only with some of your contacts (using the “Add exceptions” option).
  • Last login and online. By accessing this tab, you will have the option to moderate who can see your last login (all / my contacts / none). Remember that if you decide not to grant permission to view the connection time, you will not be able to see that of other contacts either. Also, for both you and other users, a generic reference to the last login on the app will be shown in the notification area such as “recently, within a week, within a month”). Also for this data, you can opt for sharing with only some of your contacts (always using the "Add exceptions" option).

What is the point of making yourself invisible on Telegram

There are many i reasons so I think it can be a good thing to make yourself invisible on Telegram. However, all are guided by the desire to keep their own intact as much as possible privacy.

In fact, I bet that you have also happened to have to deal with some particularly nosy contact, for which seeing you "online" on a messaging app at a certain time meant who knows what.

Therefore, whether it is to make it clear that you are chatting with someone, not to show your last night connections to the app or to hide from a friend that is too pressing, I suggest you try to put into practice the procedures described below. By deactivating the last visit, for example, you could enter and exit the app freely, having the certainty of not being "tracked" and observed by anyone. It really is a matter of very few taps, so why not do it?

How to be invisible on Telegram

We have come to the salient part of this guide. Below, you will find some procedures that will allow you to do not let anyone see you active in Telegram conversations. You will be able to chat with other people and, in the meantime, appear offline.

Reading messages from notifications

All the latest generation phones now offer a notification area to collect all recent interactions with contacts and applications. As you can well understand, then, the reading messages from notifications it would protect you from contacts who wait for you to go online on Telegram to write to you, or who expect an instant response to a message as soon as it is "read".

To make sure you can take advantage of reading from notifications, make sure that themessage preview is active even when the phone is locked. You can adjust this option by going to the iOS or Android operating system settings.

Obviously, for this strategy to be successful, you will have to be very careful about do not touch the single notification to avoid being immediately redirected to the application. In fact, I remind you that Telegram bases its system of reading indicators on an instant synchronization cloud. This means that, if unfortunately I were to touch the notification and enter Telegram, the message would be notified to the sender as "read" (double check).

Therefore, limit yourself to viewing the contents of the message from the notification. And if you can't see it in its entirety, remember that you always could expand the notification, dragging it down.

Temporary blocking of a contact

If you suspect that one of your contacts is spying on you (perhaps because every time you access Telegram you receive a message from him, or even worse, because he himself tells you that he saw you online at that time of that day), you could think of his momentary block. This way, you would have the opportunity to do just what you want on Telegram, without having to answer to a person who just doesn't want to leave you alone. The same thing, you could do it if you don't want a user to see you online on Telegram at a certain time of day.

Before proceeding, I remind you that blocking a contact temporarily means stop receiving his messages for as long as he remains on your blacklist. So, consider it well.

That said, how do you make use of the momentary blocking of a contact on Telegram? Nothing simpler:

  1. Access the Settings of Telegram (icon with three dashes placed vertically on top of each other);
  2. Tap (or click if you are using Telegram Desktop or Telegram Web) the section Privacy and Security;
  3. Touch the item Blocked users, next to which is listed the number of users who have already received this "temporary ban" (in my case, "None");
  4. On the next screen, to add a user to the "Blocked" list, simply tap on the option Block user and choose his name from your address book of contacts using Telegram.

By using this option temporarily, you will be able to decide who to be online on Telegram, being sure that you can manage your privacy and entries on the app at will, without having to answer to anyone.

Deactivation of the time of the last visit

A valid option that allows you to hide on Telegram, is the one related to deactivation of the last access. You can always find it in the section Privacy and security, and its functioning is really basic, but of fundamental importance.

The only thing I want to specify about this function is that it also allows you to remove the word "in line". Therefore, you will always be inactive on Telegram. Under your name, however, only generic information will appear.

Mark a message as unread on Telegram

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram does not allow you to directly disable the receipts for access to the conversation, therefore the read receipts. This, since Telegram is cloud-based. However, you could try an "alternative" way to not be seen on Telegram, or rather, for do not let the other person know that you have read their last message. Sometimes, it seems to work.

This procedure is feasible only from mobile app (although with some variations depending on the operating system) and cannot be replicated if you are using the desktop app or Telegram web instead, at least not in this version of the application.

It was used iOS, to hide your activity, you will need to log out of the chat with that person and make one swype to the right. This way, the message will be marked again as Not read and for the sender it will be as if it had never been read.

If you use instead Android, you will have to leave the chat with that person and hold your finger on the chat for a few seconds. By doing so, an interactive screen will open, where you will be asked whether to pin the conversation at the top, mark it as unread, delete it from the history or delete it completely, erasing all traces of that conversation on all devices connected with your account. Just choose the option Mark as unread to try to remove the read receipt.

In addition to the ticks, which notify the user that the message has been received and opened, Telegram and many other messaging apps show theuser activity while writing a message, whether you reply in the app or reply directly from the notification. Although Telegram only reports it when you are inside a certain chat, this information is still visible to others.

This function, as well as the sending of ticks, cannot be completely disabled from Telegram. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to completely hide your activities on Telegram. In fact, there are numerous free third-party apps that can do for you, but be careful which one you choose to use (reading will understand why).

App to hide logins on Telegram

You will be pleased to know that, as for WhatsApp, there are also for Telegram free applications (provided by third-party developers) that allow messages to be read outside Telegram itself, effectively preventing instant synchronization in the cloud of the read notice for the sender.

How is it possible? Basically, these apps base their operation on the cloning of messages, allowing you to read them when you see fit, directly through their interface. Nothing more comfortable, I tell you from experience.

Unseen per Android

Di Unseen I've talked to you often, and on several occasions. In fact, among the plethora of applications developed for this purpose, it is certainly one of the best. You can find it at this address of the Google Play Store. It allows you to appear invisible when reading messages.

The implications are obviously many, but among the main ones, I would include:

  • Ability to read messages in total anonymity;
  • Ability to stay updated on the latest chat activities without appearing "online";
  • Do not give precise time references on the last access, even if you have decided not to hide it.

As you may have understood, Unseen could represent the definitive answer to the question of how not to be seen on Telegram. If I had to mention a flaw, well, I'd tell you it's a shame that there is no version of Unseen for the iOS operating system.

Mod per modalità ghost your Telegram

To stay on the subject of third-party applications, I want to tell you something more (without boring you too much with specialized details) about the alternative Telegram client to the official one, developed by willing programmers in order to integrate additional features on the original app. There are really a lot of them, some reliable, others not so. The best are also downloadable from the bot called AppsTelegramBot.

Not only that, in the following paragraph, I will briefly talk to you about Mobogram, app developed by a team of foreign programmers and fortunately translated by Open Telegram, a reference community for everything concerning the Telegram ecosystem.


As anticipated, Mobogram it is nothing more than a modified and enriched version of Telegram. Among the interesting features available on this mod, I would like to mention:

  • Preview of chats and photos in bubble-shaped popup windows;
  • Possibility of deactivating the proximity sensor when listening to the vocal notes;
  • Option that allows you to forward the messages of other users without mentioning them in the message;
  • Ability to use multiple accounts (and enable / disable single accounts).

In addition to the listed features (I remind you that the aforementioned are just some of those actually made available by Mobogram), there are two absolutely pertinent to the topic of my article. I refer, in particular, to the ghost mode, perfect for not being seen on Telegram, and at offline mode, which, in fact, proposes a temporary “switch off” of the client.

Bot to spy on Telegram conversations

As an alternative to Unseen or Mobogram, you could use some bot to spy on Telegram conversations. Once started, they will intercept the messages marked as unread and, by opening the chat window with the bot, you will be able to read them without the other person being notified that they have been read.

Similarly, there are also numerous bots that allow you to send messages to one or more people without having to open the related chat screen.

By using these bots to chat, you can then avoid notifying the person you are chatting with about reading and writing activity. In theory, you can do this without resorting to external apps, but still authorizing a bot not developed by Telegram, which will have access to your conversations, your contacts and your personal data.

If the reason why you want to hide your online activities is to protect your privacy, I do not recommend using third-party apps or bots. In order not to be seen online on Telegram, in fact, it would be better to limit yourself to using only the functions integrated in the app, whose attention to user privacy has made it one of the most used messaging apps in the world.

Hiding online on Telegram from PC

Use Telegram yes PC it is an excellent solution when, for example, you are at work and you want to stay in touch with loved ones, even if you don't always have your smartphone in your hands.

So if you happen to use the Desktop or browser versions of Telegram, I'll tell you right away that, in order not to be seen online, you can follow what has been said so far. You could in fact hide the date and time of the last access, or possibly, rely on one of the mods also available for Windows.

Alternatively, you could try to put the strategies into practice which I will briefly tell you about below. Read on to learn more.

Close the Telegram desktop client

A good alternative to not be seen on Telegram Desktop, is the one that provides the temporary closure of the application. There is no need to use third-party firewalls or apps in this case. If you do not want to be active in certain circumstances, the only thing you need to do is stop the Telegram Desktop software, or, if you connect via browser, Telegram Web.

By doing this, you would log out of Telegram Desktop or Telegram Web. In this way, Telegram's instant sync system would show you offline, then show others your last login time (as long as it is active).

Using a secondary telephone number

The most radical alternative of all could be the one that involves the use of a secondary telephone number. You got it right, I'm suggesting you buy a new SIM card from any telephone operator and carefully select the people you really want to exchange messages with without being afraid of being spied on on Telegram. Sometimes, a "clean break" is the best solution.

If changing numbers seems exaggerated to you, I remind you that some of the mod Telegram more noble would allow to use two or more accounts at the same time. This means that you could manage one or more profiles at the same time without too much difficulty.

How not to show that you have Telegram

Before saying goodbye, I would like to add another idea that could help fulfill your desire for anonymity on Telegram. In particular: how not to show that you have Telegram? Now, I'll explain it to you right away.

Simply put, Telegram is known to show contacts who have registered for the service in the dedicated section (a bit like what happens on WhatsApp). Specifically, the contacts that remain active within 6 months are exposed (term after which an account is automatically deleted).

It is also true, however, that Telegram does not allow you to hide from this control. No, not even by blocking a certain contact. The only effective method would be to use Telegram only with a secondary telephone number, since it is not necessary to chat, but only to make the first registration.

Alternatively, you will have to resign yourself to using the following options:

  • Hide your phone number following this sequence: Settings> Privacy and security> Phone number;
  • Change your username and make it less recognizable;
  • Change your profile picture and use a generic photo, so as not to be recognized;
  • Download one mod the Telegram that supports i multi-account (or use Android OS settings).

By doing so, you would manage not to be seen on Telegram by most people. However, always remember that since this is an instant messaging app, some sensitive information may still remain exposed.

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