Telegram contact problems: how to solve

Among the instant messaging applications, Telegram is undoubtedly one of the most versatile. The downside, however, is that, due to the various features available, bugs are recurring.

For many users, in particular, the contact book becomes a "jungle", where it is difficult to extricate themselves and find the contact with whom to start a chat. However, there are simple tricks and solutions that make managing the address book immediate: let's find out together how to solve the problems related to Telegram contacts.


  • How the Telegram address book works
  • Problems and solutions
    • Contacts are not seen
    • The contacts are not in alphabetical order
    • Telegram contacts are not deleted
    • Unable to chat with a contact
    • A contact does not respond to messages
    • A contact is offline
    • How to update the contact list

How the Telegram address book works

The Telegram contacts directory is accessible via the first button at the bottom left "Contact us". By clicking on it, the list of your contacts imported from the phone book using this messaging application will appear.

To these contacts already present, it is of course possible add new ones. There are various methods for doing this:

  • Press the + at the top right, enter the telephone number of the person you want to chat with and, if they have installed Telegram and accept your invitation, you can immediately start a conversation;
  • Telegram also allows you to add contacts through username. To add a contact using this method, write in the bar "Search”(Top left) your username, in order to access the global search. The username can be found in the section "Settings”: Under the profile icon and the telephone number there is the nickname, preceded by an @;
  • Telegram also allows you to add people who are physically next to us, through the "Find people close to you”, Present on the contact page. You can choose to be identified by other users by selecting the "Make me visible";
  • If the person you want to chat with does not use Telegram, you can invite them to do so by clicking on the "Invite friends". If you are not sure if a person uses this app, you can find out by following the guide in which I explained how to see who has Telegram.

Problems and solutions

Contacts are not seen

Telegram import your contacts from the iOS or Android phonebook, filtering the phone numbers that are registered on the application. If you don't see updated contacts, the feature may be disabled automatic synchronization of the same, which keeps your contact list constantly updated when you add or remove phone numbers from the address book.

If you have a device Android, select the icon with i three horizontal dashes at the top left, choose "Settings"In the drop-down menu and then"Privacy and security". On the next page, activate the item "Contact synchronization". It may also be useful to enable the next one, that is "Suggest frequent contacts”, To make it easier for you to find the contacts you chat with most often.

If you have a device Apple, select the item "Settings"At the bottom right, then the second item of the second menu called"Privacy and security". Scroll through the list and press on the last item "Data settings": On the next page, activate the item"Contact synchronization". If you want, please enable the following item "Suggest frequent contacts”, In order to more easily identify the contacts you chat with most often.

The contacts are not in alphabetical order

Telegram sorts your contacts by default by logon history, that is, it displays the users who have used the application most recently first. However, this option can be changed via the "Contact us".

Under the search bar at the top, click on "Sorted by last seen"And select the option"Sort by name”From the drop-down menu. You will see your contacts in alphabetical order.

Telegram contacts are not deleted

If automatic synchronization is active, it is practically impossible to delete a contact from your Telegram address book: every time you open the application, Telegram update your contacts importing them from the phone book.

The fastest option is to deactivate automatic synchronization, which however is useful for keeping the address book up to date. The alternative is to delete the contact from the phone book, so that it also disappears from Telegram.

As another solution, you could use the function of block: Telegram will automatically block the contact's number and activities, but you can keep their number in the phone book. The lock function is reversible and invisible: the blocked user will continue to see the chat and can send messages to your number. Telegram will simply not deliver them. For more information on this procedure, read how to block on Telegram.

Unable to chat with a contact

Whenever you open a new chat on Telegram, the other user receives one contact request: Until the recipient accepts the invitation, you will not be able to chat with him.

Sometimes it may happen that, due to a bug, the recipient does not receive the alert, and therefore the chat cannot be started. In this case, ask him to chat first, so that you receive the contact request. In most cases, the bug resolves spontaneously after a short time.

However, there is a third hypothesis: the user you are trying to contact may have blocked your profile. In this case, you could write to him in the chat activated previously, but the recipient would never receive your messages. If you know why you have been blocked and the issue is resolved, try to contact the user in another way (via WhatsApp or phone call for example) and ask him to remove the block.

A contact does not respond to messages

The first thing you should do is make sure the contact actually wants to chat with you: if a contact does not answer you, there may be a bug, but also the decision not to want to talk to you virtually.

You may have been blocked or silenced by the other user: in this case, Telegram is not delivering your messages to the user, even if you view them in the common chat. If the user does not want to chat with you, don't insist.

If, on the other hand, the other person wants to chat with you but doesn't reply to your messages, they may have you inadvertently locked or muted. Ask him to check your status and unlock you - both statuses are reversible.

A contact is offline

There are no specific bugs in this regard: if a user is offline or not using Telegram, they may have decided to do not show its online / offline status for privacy reasons, or it may have silenced or blocked you.

Telegram is a messaging application attentive to the privacy of its users and allows - at least partially - to hide when you are online and using the application. Read how not to be seen on Telegram to learn more.

The only solution to this problem is the patience: messaging applications tend to make us all impatient and a little "sneaky". If a user is offline, all that remains is to wait for him to connect and answer us. Pressing a user to answer us immediately, perhaps waiting for him to appear "active" to ask him insistently why he does not want to chat, is an approach unpolite and annoying, which often leads the recipient to silence or block a contact.

How to update the contact list

The best method to keep your contact list constantly updated is to activate automatic synchronization, as explained above. The alternative is to intervene Manually every time you add or remove a contact.

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