Netflix TV series to see absolutely

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

Netflix TV series to see absolutely. Here is an updated list of the best TV series on Netflix that you shouldn't miss. Discover the latest releases of the new TV series.

Best Netflix TV series not to miss here is our list:

Black Mirror – Serie tv Netflix

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

The leitmotif of each episode is the pace and progress of new technologies, the addiction to them and their side effects. Different situations of the modern or future world are imagined and recreated in which a new technological invention or a paradoxical idea has somehow destabilized society and human feelings.

Bloodline – Serie tv Netflix

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

The Rayburns are a family with an impeccable reputation in front of their community in the archipelago of the Florida Keys. When Danny, considered the "black sheep" of the family, returns to town for the 45th anniversary of the inn run by his parents, he threatens to reveal dark secrets.

Danny is on the run from some Miami mobster to whom he owed some money he had borrowed to start his business: a good restaurant. To avoid going the way of the restaurant (burned as a warning), he returns to the house he had fled from long ago, following the heavy physical and psychological abuse suffered by his father: Robert Rayburn held his eldest son responsible for the death of his daughter favorite, Sarah, drowned as a child during an unexpected speedboat trip with which Danny had tried to save her from a situation of extreme domestic tension, with her mother ready to flee. We witness the reconstruction of this essential trauma of the past through a long and repeated series of flashbacks distributed throughout all the episodes: each flashback adds one more detail than the previous one, and the penultimate episode is complete.

Better Call Saul – Serie tv Netflix

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

Omaha, Nebraska: Two years after the events narrated in Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman works as a pastry shop assistant in a Cinnabon store, under a false identity, in a shopping center. Tormented by the risk of being recognized, he spends a rather quiet life, spending the evenings following the news, seeing films and his old commercials recorded on videotape, which remind him of the past.

The story moves into the past, when Saul still used his legal name, James McGill, and tried hard to establish himself as a criminal lawyer.

Breaking Bad.

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

Walter White is an Albuquerque chemistry professor. He lives with his wife Skyler, pregnant with their second child, and their son Walter Junior, suffering from cerebral palsy, a disorder that causes him speech problems and forces him to use crutches to move. On the threshold of his fifties, Walter is forced to take a second job as an employee of a car wash, to cope with the financial difficulties foreseen by the imminent birth of his daughter. To all this is added Walter's deep sense of dissatisfaction, who has to endure the oppression of the owner, his friends and family, who see him as a weak and submissive man. In particular, his brother-in-law Hank, an agent of the DEA, with whom he has a good relationship, never misses an opportunity to compare his adventurous life with that of Walter, totally devoid of satisfactions.

When Walter is diagnosed with lung cancer, his problems seem to plummet. However, following a chance encounter with Jesse Pinkman, a former student of his who has become a petty drug dealer, Walter decides to cook methamphetamine. However, Walter's product turns out to be of much higher quality than the competition, with a purity of 99,1%, deriving from his chemical knowledge. He then decides to use his abilities to take control of the drug market.

The Crown – Serie tv Netflix

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

The Crown tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II from her marriage in 1947 to the present day. The first season covers the years from 1947, the year of the marriage between Elizabeth and Philip of Edinburgh until the outbreak of the Suez crisis in 1956. The second season will run until 1963, the year of the resignation of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan following the scandal Scent.

Daredevil - Netflix TV Series

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

Hell's Kitchen. Attorney Matt Murdock, after losing his sight as a child in a radioactive accident, develops superhuman senses and uses them to fight crime on the streets of his city as the superhero Daredevil. In the first season Matt faces off against the powerful crime lord Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, engaged in his redevelopment of the neighborhood in league with various members of the city's underworld.In the second season Matt continues to try to manage his double life as a lawyer and superhero; his path leads him to cross paths with the violent and ruthless vigilante Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, and with his old flame Elektra, together with whom he faces an ancient and powerful ninja sect, the Hand.

Iron Fist – Serie tv Netflix

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

After disappearing for fifteen years, Danny Rand returns to New York City, determined to regain control of the family business and ready to fight crime thanks to his mastery of kung-fu and the ability to conjure incredible power. of the Steel Fist.

Jessica Jones

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

Ex-superhero Jessica Jones, stricken with PTSD, opens a detective agency to help people and other superheroes in need.

Love - Netflix tv series

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

Love is an American television series created by Judd Apatow, Paul Rust and Lesley Arfin for Netflix.

The series centers on the romantic relationship between Mickey (Gillian Jacobs), a rebellious and cheeky girl, and Gus (Paul Rust), a shy and insecure young man. The first season, consisting of 10 episodes, was released on February 19, 2016. A second season of 12 episodes premiered on March 10, 2017. In February 2017, the series was renewed for a third season.

Luke Cage - Netflix tv series

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

After a sabotaged experiment gives him superhuman strength and indestructible skin, Luke Cage becomes a fugitive and tries to rebuild his life in Harlem, but soon the past returns to haunt him.


Netflix TV series to see absolutely

John Luther is a very talented London homicide inspector whose brilliant mind cannot always protect him from the strength of his passions.

Marco Polo - Netflix tv series

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

Venice, 1274. The young Marco Polo, following his father Niccolò and his uncle Matteo, embarks on a long journey that leads him to the heart of the powerful Mongol Empire, at the court of Kublai Khan. Abandoned as a hostage by his father and uncle in the hands of the Khan to be able to guarantee free access to the Silk Road, Marco joins the court of Khublai, immersing himself more and more in the heart of the traditions and culture of East Asia.

Entered into the graces of the Khan, the young man witnesses Kublai's attempts to hold together and further expand his immense empire, amidst court intrigues, conspiracies, power struggles and the ongoing conflict with the now decadent Song Dynasty, the last bastion of the millennial Chinese empire against Mongolian power.

Narcos - Netflix tv series

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

The series tells the true story of the rampant spread of cocaine between the United States and Europe in the XNUMXs. The first two seasons are centered on the fight of the Colombian authorities and the DEA against the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar and the Medellín cartel. The third season focuses on the fight against the Cali cartel, led by brothers Gilberto and Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela.

The OA

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

Prairie Johnson, who has been missing for seven years, returns to the community where she grew up. The XNUMX-year-old, questioned by the FBI, she doesn't want to reveal anything about what happened to her. Before she disappeared, she Prairie was blind but now she has regained her sight: some consider it a miracle, others see healing as a dangerous mystery

Orange is the new black

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

Piper Chapman is a woman from Connecticut, a New York resident, who is sentenced to fifteen months at Litchfield, a federal women's prison run by the Federal Department of Corrections, for carrying a suitcase full of illicit money for Alex Vause. an international drug trafficker and once his mistress. This infringement occurred ten years before Chapman's entry into prison and in the years between the start of her trial and her sentence, the woman managed to build a comfortable, law-abiding life with her new boyfriend Larry Bloom, in the New York upper class.

Behind bars, Piper meets Alex (who allegedly mentioned Chapman during her trial, causing her arrest), to whom, despite an initial resentment, she reconnects. In addition to them, many other women live in prison, whose stories are told through the use of flashbacks.

The People Vs OJ Simpson

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

La first season of the television series American Crime Story, entitled The People v. O. J. Simpson premiered in the United States of America on cable channel FX from February 2 to April 5, 2016.

From 1 March 2017 it is available on the Netflix on-demand streaming platform.

This season's main cast includes Cuba Gooding, Jr., Sarah Paulson, John Travolta, Bruce Greenwood, Nathan Lane, David Schwimmer, Courtney B. Vance.

Santa Clarita Diet

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

Newlyweds Sheila and Joel work as real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. The couple's life takes an unexpected turn after Sheila goes through a dramatic change, becoming a zombie eating human flesh.


Netflix TV series to see absolutely

Eight strangers from different parts of the world suddenly develop a telepathic connection to each other. Belonging to different cultures, religions and sexual orientations, they therefore discover that they are sensible, people with an advanced level of empathy who have developed a deep psychic connection with a small group of their own kind. As they try to discover, bewildered, the meaning of their extrasensory perceptions and begin to interact at a distance with each other, a man, Jonas, offers to help them. At the same time, another enigmatic figure, Whispers, hunts them down, using their own skill, in order to catch or kill them.


Netflix TV series to see absolutely

The series is a free adaptation of Conan Doyle's novels and short stories starring detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend and assistant, Dr. John Watson: the adventures of the two take place, however, in today's London.

Watson is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and has yet to find his place in civil society. When a friend suggests he find a roommate with whom to share the costs of an apartment, he finds himself living with the eccentric Holmes.

Sons of Anarchy

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

The Sons of Anarchy are a fictional gang of bikers that are affiliated with several groups (chapters) mainly on the west coast of the United States, but also in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada and Australia.

Stranger Things

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

Stranger Things is an American science fiction television series created by Matt and Ross Duffer and produced by Camp Hero Productions and 21 Laps Entertainment for the Netflix streaming platform.

Set in the 15s in a fictional small town in Indiana, it centers on the events associated with the mysterious disappearance of a child and the appearance of a girl with telekinetic powers who has escaped from a secret laboratory. The first season was released on Netflix on July 2016, 2017, in all countries where the service is available. A second is planned for autumn XNUMX.


Netflix TV series to see absolutely

A high school girl, Hannah Baker, commits suicide. A few days later one of his classmates, Clay Jensen, finds a package on the stairs of his house; the package contains seven tapes recorded by Hannah in which the girl explains the thirteen reasons that led her to kill herself. To discover his role in Hannah's story, Clay begins to listen to the tapes. By doing so, however, he risks revealing a disturbing secret that Hannah and some of her companions are hiding.

The paper house

A group of robbers prepares for 5 months an unassailable plan to access and then lock themselves inside the Spanish State Mint. He does so with the help of the Profesor, a mysterious but cultured and very cunning man who wants to make a ton of money without technically robbing anyone. In fact, the group must remain closed in the building to print money in shovelfuls, dressed in red and with a Dali mask on their face in order not to be recognized: however, everything is complicated by the presence of more than 60 hostages, by the relationships of love and hate. among them, from the complications outside the Mint where Inspector Raquel Murillo tries to avoid both personal and crime scene disasters.

Designated Survivor

In this gripping political thriller, America's fate rests in the hands of a low-ranking official after a devastating attack on the Washington government.

Manhunt: Unabomber

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

In 1995 an anonymous bomber who had been terrorizing America for nearly twenty years by sending handcrafted explosive packages to random recipients sent a text of 35 words to the main national newspapers. Attached is the promise that, if his "Manifesto" had been published, he would have stopped making killer devices.

Hill House

Netflix TV series to see absolutely

A modern reinterpretation of the popular novel The Nightmare of Hill House, the series follows the stories of 5 brothers who lived in the most famous haunted house in the United States.


For three young people of modest origins, admission to the most exclusive high school in Spain represents a great opportunity for redemption. But when a murder disrupts the school, they all become suspects. Welcome to Las Encinas.

Netflix the best TV series: SUBURRA

Rome. The showdown is near. Three young people united by a thirst for money find themselves surviving in a power game between Church, politics and crime.

Netflix best TV series: Titans

Once a circus acrobat, after the death of his parents Dick Grayson was trained by Batman to fight crime, becoming Gotham City's young hero known as Robin. Sometime later, eager to step out of his mentor's shadow, Dick forms a group of fearless young heroes, becoming their leader. This includes Starfire, an alien seeking asylum on Earth; Raven, who must keep her emotions in check in order not to unleash the demonic side of her; and Beast Boy, a shapeshifter whose powers are the side effects of a drug that cured him of a deadly disease.

Netflix best TV series: Gotham

Growing up on the outskirts of Gotham City, James Gordon has always viewed the city as a fascinating and exciting metropolis, where his late father once served and enjoyed success as a district attorney. Now, two weeks after getting the detective job, Gordon is living his dream of him, although he hopes to restore the city to that pure image he remembers from when he was a child. Brave, honest, ready to get involved, the new detective is joined by the exuberant but shrewd Harvey Bullock, a police legend, with whom he must investigate one of the most egregious crimes of recent times: the murder of billionaires Thomas and Martha Wayne. At the scene of the crime, Gordon meets the only survivor: the tormented son of the Waynes, Bruce, towards whom the young detective feels an inexplicable bond. Moved by his pain, Gordon promises the boy to catch the killer, but the more time he spends in the streets of Gotham the more he realizes how much his is a difficult task and burdened by numerous traps and enigmatic enemies.

Netflix the best TV series: How to Get Away with Murder

As a lawyer, the intelligent, passionate, creative, charismatic and sexy Annalize Keating is on the side of the most hardened and violent criminals, and is willing to do anything to defend their freedom. Professor of Criminal Law at the prestigious Middleton University School of Law, Annalize each year selects a group of the brightest and most promising students, whom she gives the opportunity to assist in her cases. The likable and idealistic Wes, the ambitious and self-confident Michaela, the devious and sophisticated Connor, the taciturn and sensitive Laurel and the affluent and educated Asher wonder how willing they are to put themselves out there to be next to such an unpredictable woman it's dangerous. However, they realize they can't do without her when they get involved in something horrible and Annalize may be the only one able to get them out of her.


After a bad deal, bright young Mike Ross tries his luck by showing up for a job interview at a major New York law firm. Although he has not completed his studies, Mike impresses the boss, Harvey Specter, among the best lawyers in town. Tired of having stencil graduates around his feet, Harvey recognizes Mike as raw talent and extraordinary photographic memory. Furthermore, his sympathy and healthy ideals remind him of himself as a young man, when he was not yet considered a shark in the industry.


Bored and unhappy as Lord of Hell, Lucifer has abandoned the throne and retired to Los Angeles, where the Lux is his exclusive nightclub. Charming, charismatic and devilishly attractive, Lucifer is enjoying his new life when the brutal murder of a girl outside his club triggers feelings he never had before. The crime draws the attention of Detective Chloe Dancer, fascinated by Lucifer's talent for pulling secrets out of people and his desire to do justice. As they work together to solve the case, Lucifer is struck by Chloe's goodness instead. Accustomed to dealing with the worst scum of humanity, he appreciates the apparent purity of the woman and begins to wonder if there is still hope for her soul.


YOU, Netflix Original Series starring Penn Badgley, asks what would we be willing to do for love? When Joe Goldberg, the brilliant director of a New York bookstore, meets aspiring writer Guinevere Beck, his answer quickly becomes clear: anything. Using the internet and social networks as tools to gather the most intimate details and get closer to her, a charming and slightly clumsy crush quickly turns into an obsession as he, silently and slyly, removes every obstacle - and person - from. his way to the heart of the woman of his dreams.

Gossip Girl

The universe of a group of New York teenagers is shaken by the return to town of Serena, announced on the pages of the blog Gossip Girl. Always well-informed about the scandals involving Manhattan's wealthy Upper East Side students and their parents, Gossip Girl has among her favorite victims Serena's brother Erik, her best friend Blair, and her boyfriend. , Nate. Who is behind these scoops?

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The sinner

Cora Tannetti is a young mother who, overcome by a sudden fit of anger, commits a surprising act of public violence, a horror that cannot be explained. As the incident unleashes an incredible series of events, Harry Ambrose, a detective obsessed with the woman's motive, finds himself involved with her on a harrowing journey into the depths of her psyche and the violent hidden secrets of her past.

What iF

Renée Zellweger plays Anne, a mysterious and seductive financier who enjoys playing with the desires of apparently respectable and sober people, to find out what they are willing to risk in order to have it all. Among the unaware victims of her, there is a young married couple, in love but unhappy because they barely make ends meet at the end of the month. To them, Anne will offer a large sum of money, behind which, however, lies a morally questionable story. If they accept, they will have to hold themselves responsible for the fate of other people and find out how much the power of a single decision can affect an entire life. How many would be willing to sell their souls in exchange for sex, money and power?

The 100

Ninety-seven years ago, a nuclear war destroyed the Earth, decimating civilization. The only ones to survive were the inhabitants of the 12 international space stations that were in orbit at the time. Three generations later, resources are running out, heralding the demise of the colony, known as the Ark. In an attempt to resolve the crisis before it is too late, the leaders send a group of one hundred underage prisoners to the earth's surface to check their habitability. Struggling with a world they do not know, primitive, dangerous and full of mysteries, these young people must learn to overcome differences and start a new era for the Earth.

After Life

Tony, a middle-aged man who, after losing his wife, is confronted with his total inability to look after himself or any other living being. Instead of taking responsibility for him and trying to find a new balance, Tony considers the possibility of committing suicide, and then decides to pour all his depression and frustration on the world, not caring more about what he says or does. Losing all forms of empathy, Tony veers dangerously into mean, angry and at times violent behavior as his lifelong colleagues and friends attempt to save the Nice Guy they hope is still hiding inside him.


How can we anticipate the mad if we don't know how they think? Two FBI agents (Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany) embark on a groundbreaking investigative odyssey to answer this question.

DARK the Netflix series

Winden, 2019. The disappearance of two children in a German city and the consequent searches will unearth the mysteries and dark secrets that this small town hides, revealing the relationships and the past of four families who live there: the Kahnwalds, the Nielsens, the Doppler and finally the Tiedemanns.


Macarena is a naive young woman who, induced by her boss, commits numerous crimes of manipulation and embezzlement in the company where she works. She is discovered and charged with four tax offenses, for which she is provisionally detained in Cruz del Sur prison. There she deals with the emotional shock that it means for her to enter the prison, and the complicated relationships between inmates, among which Zulema (Najwa Nimri), the most dangerous inmate in the center, stands out.

Prison is a place where she soon discovers that the chances of surviving the age of seven go through change, evolve and make her a very different person. Meanwhile, her family is involved in following the trail of a large amount of hidden money.

The series reflects the daily life of prisoners and a group of officials in a penitentiary and the transformation of a harmless person, seemingly incapable of doing harm, into a survivor who leaves his scruples aside. The struggle for survival thus marks the coexistence between prisoners, characterized by alliances, betrayals and vendettas both between prisoners and officials.

The Alienist

In 1896, New York City was the victim of brutal murders. When the body of a boy who was prostituting himself is found hideously mutilated and abandoned near the Williamsburg Bridge, still under construction, the newly elected Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt calls the analyst and doctor Laszlo Kreizler and the illustrator John Moore, his friend. long time, to investigate in the utmost secrecy. They are joined by Sara Howard, the commissioner's stubborn secretary, determined to become the first female detective in town. The group will find themselves dealing with corrupt gangsters and cops, trying to get inside the mind of the serial killer and create a psychological profile of a murderer based on the details of his crimes. All this surrounded by the ideology and society of the time, in a New York in full industrial development, but in any case conditioned by gruesome ideas about human psychology and above all in continuous conflict between what is sinful and sick to think and what is good and right.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

A new ghost story is coming from the producers of The Haunting of Hill House.


Rival Germanic tribes must join forces to oust the Roman imperial army from their land. An alliance that will forever mark their history.


With the help of his brother Rollo and his friend Floki, the ambitious Viking warrior Ragnar builds a fleet to push himself towards the unexplored English coasts: his project is however hampered by the powerful Jarl Haraldson.

Peaky Blinders

Back in Birmingham's slums from World War I battlefields, brothers Tommy and Arthur Shelby are poised to establish themselves in the local crime world with illegal betting and the black market.

Locke & Key

The Keyhouse is not just a house, it is much more: it holds secrets and magical keys. The Locke family wanted to start a new life there, instead they only found new mysteries to solve.

Virgin river

Melinda wants to leave her life in Los Angeles and start from scratch. Thus, she moves to a remote village in the mountains of California, where she accepts a job as a nurse. Here, she discovers that not everything is as she expected.

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