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The Sandstone Golem is one of the bosses of the Diablo Immortal world who is strong and brutal enough to warrant a raid. You will not be able to deal with this garment alone.

World bosses are new to Diablo Immortal. They are part of a new event in the game where players can work together to increase their chances of meeting a world boss.

The following guide will show you how and where to summon the Sandstone Golem in Diablo Immortal.

Location of the boss of the Diablo Immortal Sandstone Golem

To find the location of the Sandstone Golem, go to the Zoltun Kulle Library. You have to find 5 lost pages randomly spawning throughout the area.

Once done, combine these 5 lost pages to create a Portal Tome. Use the Portal Tome to open a portal to Kulle's secret chamber that serves as a small dungeon where you can get your hands on a chest, but sometimes those treasures will be guarded by a world boss.

You can increase your chances of running into a world boss by creating and opening as many portal tomes as possible. Also, always enter your portal because entering a portal opened by another player reduces the chances of encountering a world boss.

The Zoltun Kulle Library has two World Bosses in Diablo Immortal: the Sandstone Golem and the Fleshcraft Hydra.

You can find the Sandstone Golem in the northeastern region of the map. You can get there by crossing the bridge and making your way over the Chaos Engine.

The exact location of the Sandstone Golem has been marked on the map below. Blue markers with a scroll-like icon represent possible locations to find a lost page.

Boss Rewards of Diablo's Immortal Sandstone Golem

The only drop guaranteed by the Sandstone Golem are some experience orbs. You can, however, grind this boss to loot an inheritance from the Horadrim ship. The Sandstone Golem has little chance of releasing the Fault of the Nameless which grants a bonus to Resistance after the Ship has been placed in the Iben Fahd Shrine.

You can also take down the Sandstone Golem to get 6 Enchanted Dust which can be used to craft equipment upgrades at the Blacksmith.

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