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One of the most interesting things about Elden Ring is undoubtedly the exploration. However, no explorer would embark on a journey without a detailed map of where they're going, let alone tackle a Fromsoftware game without knowing where they're going to place their clogs. One of the things you should definitely do in Elden Ring is to find the stele in the area you're facing and unlock the corresponding map fragment. The stalks are usually found on the main road but getting to them is not easy so in this guide we will see where to find them all to complete the Elden Ring map.

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Elden Ring: where to find all the map fragments

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To collect a map fragment, simply approach a stele and interact with the object immediately on the ground. If you have not unlocked the map of an area, the stele will be represented as a small plaque placed on the main path. Most of the map can be unlocked immediately by simply reaching the locations marked on the image with Torrent (Sepolcride, Wailing Peninsula, Caelid, Liurnia). Instead, the rest of the map requires you to defeat some bosses and can only be unlocked in later stages.

All the photos of the complete guide to Elden Ring

  • 1- Western tomb
  • 2- Eastern tomb
  • 3 - Peninsula of tears
  • 4 - North Caelid
  • 5 - South Caelid
  • 6 - Eastern Liurnia
  • 7 - Northern Liurnia
  • 8 - Liurnia occidentale
  • 9 - Altus plateau
  • 10 - Leyndell, royal capital
  • 11 - Mount Gelmir
  • 12 - Peaks of the Eastern Giants
  • 13 - Peaks of the Western Giants
  • 14 - Siofra River - To go down to the small sector of the Siofra River you will have to use the elevator in Boscotetro. The map fragment is found on a corpse in front of the large temple on the right with the remains of the deer inside.
  • 15 - Snowfield consecrated
  • 16 - Ainsel River: to descend to the Ainsel River, use the elevator in East Liurnia north of the Cariana study room. The map fragment is found in the temple to the south after the Uhl ruins to the south.

Fragments of a map without a map number on the map

The following fragments can be found in the secret areas of Elden Ring, accessible through character quests.

  • Rotten Lake: find the fragment on a corpse on the beach as soon as you reach the lake.
  • Abyss in the roots: find the shard on a corpse in a small stone gazebo in the center of the area.

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