Elden Ring | Legendary Weapons and Where to Find Them

If you are aiming for platinum you should know that to get this trophy you will also have to collect the legendary weapons of Elden Ring. These are among the strongest and best weapons in the game, even if they require high requirements to be used to their full potential. We advise you to dedicate yourself to the collection of legendary armaments before activating the Forge of the Giants because after some of them it could be unreachable up to NG +. So let's see in detail where to find all the legendary weapons of Elden Ring.

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All the legendary weapons of Elden Ring

  • The legendary weapons of Elden Ring there are in total 9 and unlock the relevant achievement trophy Legendary armaments. They are not difficult to collect but some require you to finish long quests or reach positions that from a certain point in history are no longer accessible, let's see them in detail.

    • Engaged Blade Greatsword: Obtained by beating the boss Ancestry of Leonine in Morne Castle south of the Wailing Peninsula which is in turn south of Sepolcride. You will have to go through the whole castle and then beat the boss on the beach.
    • Sword of the burning night: Hidden in a chest in the Manor of Caria northwest of Liurnia. Reach the place of grace inside the castle "Lower floor of the manor" then go outside and cross the first bridge. When you reach the first tower, go over the bridge on the left and when you reach the new tower, continue on the only other bridge possible. Halfway across the bridge, look below you to the left and you will see the roof of a building. Jump on it and then drop to the roof to the left again where there is an open trap door with a ladder. Go down the ladder and you will find a chest with a sword.
    • Great Sword of the Ruins: Go back to Mantorosso Castle time after defeating Radahn and eliminating the double boss who is in the festival square. This is a scaled-down version of the Leonine Spawn and a Crucible Knight.
    • Executioner sword of Marais: You have to eliminate the boss Elemer del Rovo which is located at Castellombroso. This is the structure north-west of the Altus Plateau, almost on the border with Mount Gelmir, which by opening the map you will see immersed in a green pool of poison.
    • Gransax's spear (MISSABLE): It is found at Leyndell, the Capital. You can pick it up on the gigantic spear with which the huge dragon of the city was killed. You can reach it by going down the stairs and the elevator on the left after breaking down Godfrey the first lord. You will surely see the large spear protruding from the left. Approach the balcony overlooking it and jump down and land on it. Then go up the spear to collect his miniature version. This is the only Elden Ring legendary weapon that can be missed in the course of the game. What does this mean? That from a certain point in the plot onwards, that is, after activating the Forge of the Giants and having reduced Leyndell to ashes, you will no longer be able to find it and you will have to collect it in the New Game +.
    • Shotel of the Eclipse: It is found at Castel Sol north of Peaks of the Giants, in a chest in the church where there is the place of grace. It is the easiest legendary weapon to obtain.
    • Great Sword of the Golden Order: You have to defeat the boss at the end of the dungeon Abandoned Cave in Lands of the Sacred Tree Miquella. The Forsaken cave is located to the northeast of the area, just north of the river's end. The Lands of the Sacred Tree are a secret area of ​​the game, look here to find out how to reach them.
    • Black Moon Sword: Final reward of the quest of Ranni the witch, see here to find out how to complete it and gain access to the Star Age ending.
    • Scepter of the Devourer: The weapon of Bernhal which you can get in two different moments of the game depending on where you got with the story. If Bernhal is in Villa Vulcano, then you will have to complete his missions and then, once you have defeated Rykard the final boss of Villa Vulcano, you will be invaded by Bernhal in Farum Azula near the place of grace of the Granponte. In practice, instead of climbing towards the wall of the boss Maliketh you will have to go down the staircase on the other side to finally reach a bridge where Bernhal will invade you (ONLY if you have defeated Rykard and you have not yet defeated Maliketh). Otherwise you will have to start a NG + and reach Bernhal at the Hut of the Weapons Master in Sepolcride. He will be there without a helmet and will be a merchant of ashes. Kill him to get the scepter.

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    Elden Ring | Legendary Weapons and Where to Find Them

    How to fix the bug in the weapon trophy

    Many players are experiencing and have encountered a bug in the trophy related to legendary armaments. The same thing happened to us too and despite the collection of all the objects related to the trophy this was not unlocked from the game. However, it exists a very simple fix to solve and get the trophy immediately: in fact, just collect all 9 legendary weapons, sit at any place of grace, choose the option order chest and deposit all 9 weapons in the chest. Only those. Once you have deposited the last one, we guarantee that you will have your trophy unlocked!

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