Elden Ring: an item introduced by a cheat will cost you the ban

    19 / 94 / 2022 UPDATE: FromSoftware has released a new patch of Elden Ring, 1.04, which prevents the exchange of the object in question. However, it is not removed from the inventory.

    ORIGINAL NEWS: The Cheater Plague it's not just a problem with some online first person shooters, far from it. Now even very different games like Elden Ring are plagued with this problem, as demonstrated recently by an in-game item that is costing several days' banned from the Interregnum created by FromSoftware.

    Elden Ring: an item introduced by a cheat will cost you the ban

    As reported by Polygon, in fact, in Elden Ring there is a very particular object: a pair of underwear. Obviously the object in question was not included in the final code, but thanks to the cheaters it is now available. It is a well thought out and well thought out trap: an invader enters a player's multiplayer game, deposits the object in question and leaves. If the cradle collects the panties in question, called Deathbed Smalls, there's a good chance he'll get banned from the game. There are already several reports on this, especially on Reddit, where the victims of this trick have told their experience.

    “After 220 hours of play I collected my underwear and now it's all over,” wrote one player on the popular board. The ban translates into a sort of quarantine, where banned players will only be able to play with those who have suffered the same punishment as themselves. There is a way to avoid this, but it is very drastic, which is to eliminate the save. Not exactly the best, especially if we think that such a ban can occur even after several hours of play, perhaps near its conclusion.

    If you are still playing Elden Ring and take advantage of multiplayer a lot, our advice is obviously to do not pick up the underwear you find on the street. In fact, it is 100% a gift from some joker and everything could really cost you the loss of many hours of play. Keep following Tom's Hardware for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

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