Elden Ring: Torrent can fly, you know?

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In a period in which we do nothing but talk about Elden Ring, even those who were not so interested in the title are starting to nourish a healthy curiosity about the recent work FromSoftware. In these shores, in addition to the review, we have dealt with the much talked about soulslike open world several times, and still today, almost a month after the launch of the game, the many fans continue to find new things within the interregnum.

Between mods, curiosities and speedruns from incredible times, the dark fantasy world of Elden Ring allows players to discover something new every day. Just recently, an enthusiast discovered a new glitch inherent in one of the most important innovations introduced by the title: the mount. For the first time in a FromSoftware title, in fact, players can explore the vast game world on horseback Torrente, a particular steed already loved by many.

Such a mount can be summoned at one's command and can also lend a hand to tough cool bosses in the open world of Elden Ring, but there are those who also have discovered a way to literally make Torrente fly. This is clearly a glitch that is giving a lot of satisfaction especially to speedrunners, but for the moment only a couple of places have been found in which to fly the steed.

  • As we can see from the video, you first need to go to one of two places between Villa Vulcano and Monte Gelmir, and then dismount from Torrente at the right time and in the exact point you see in the video. Once you have summoned your four-legged companion again, the latter will be able to float in the air allowing you to fly from one side of the map to the other without major problems.

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