Elden Ring: Mech build makes anyone invincible

    A little more than a month has already passed since the release of Elden Ring, and even today it seems that the game can hide many secrets. The players immediately rushed into the interregnum to find their way, and in a few days the FromSoftware title became a real instant cult. The game will probably continue to be talked about for a long time to come, at least as long as fans continue to do so amazing discoveries within the vast title.

    Elden Ring: Mech build makes anyone invincible

    Between unexpected discoveries and speedruns, the community immediately became very attached to Elden Ring, so much so that in recent weeks there have been numerous topics of discussion that have emerged on the net. Among the most recent, however, a player has managed to create one brand new build called Mech. As can be seen from the name that this player gave it, it is a very tough build that allows not only to be particularly resistant, but also to do a lot of harm to enemies.

    As we can see from the video uploaded to YouTube by this user, the Mech build created these days also has another very interesting peculiarity. In a nutshell, following all the steps shown in the video, this build makes your Lightless almost invincible, a real Mech hoarding enemies in this dark dark fantasy world carefully crafted by the guys at FromSoftware.

  • It must be said, however, that while the build does not make the avatar completely unstoppable, it is still powerful enough to make it become a nightmare for any player who has the misfortune to meet him during an invasion.

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