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So is it possible to activate dark mode on WhatsApp Web? The dark theme is already on WhatsApp Web, and can be easily activated. Dark mode came after a long wait on WhatsApp for Android, thus adapting to the trends that had already adopted platforms such as Twitter, Google Chrome or Google's own mobile operating system starting with Android 10.

But it's not just the mobile app that includes this feature. With the update of July 2020, which brought with it great news such as the possibility of sharing our profile through QR codes, animated stickers or the extension in the limit of participants in a group video call of up to 8 people, WhatsApp has brought the dark theme to the web version of the messaging application, so that those who use the service through their computer or tablet, can use this function.

How to activate dark mode on WhatsApp Web without installing anything

 enable native dark theme on WhatsApp Web, the steps to follow are very similar to those we need to follow to activate this function on our mobile:

  • Open WhatsApp web and log in.
  • Tap the three-dot icon in the top left, then go to "Settings".
  • Select the "Theme" option, then select the "Dark" option.

Once you are done, WhatsApp Web will turn dark, very similar to what you can find in the mobile version, with dark gray and green backgrounds appearing both on the main page of the application, as well as in the chat windows themselves.

Enable mode in Chrome (and other chromium-based browsers)

In the case of the native dark theme of WhatsApp Web does not completely convince you, or look for alternatives with slightly different styles, you can resort to extensions that allow you to modify the appearance of WhatsApp Web at your convenience.

It was used Google Chrome on your computer as a web browser or others based on Chromium such as nice, you can easily activate dark theme on WhatsApp Web using a free extension. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Chrome extension repository and install the Stylus add-on.
  • Install the Dark WhatsApp Web theme by pressing the “Install Style” button.
  • Reload the WhatsApp web page to apply the changes.

That's all. Once WhatsApp Web is reopened or the page reloaded, the dark theme will have been applied and the appearance of the page will have changed.

Enable dark mode on WhatsApp Web in Mozilla Firefox

In case of using Firefox the process is very similar to what we follow to activate the dark WhatsApp theme on Chrome. You need to first download the same add-on that was installed in the case of Chrome, then add the corresponding style.

  • Go to the Firefox add-on store and install the Stylus extension.
  • Install the Dark WhatsApp Web theme by pressing the “Install Style” button.
  • Reload the WhatsApp web page to apply the changes.

These are just two of the most effective ways to have a dark theme on WhatsApp Web a little different from the original through third party tools. However, there are other ways to achieve this, for example through extensions such as Dark Reader, available for Chrome, Firefox e Safari.

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