How to activate "Calls" without invitation on Whatsapp (Root)

How to activate uninvited "Calls" on Whatsapp (Root), is one of the best and most popular applications not only for Android, but also for other mobile platforms such as iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone instant messaging.

Those days when people used the messaging app just to send text messages are long gone. Today, it is a waste of time and even money to send messages using the services of your telephone operator.

With Whatsapp you can send a myriad of messages for free. Well, the app just requires you to have a stable internet connection and for those who don't have internet nowadays?

Lately, the company has run out of ideas on how to improve the app when it comes to the messaging part. Cosi the company announced a new beta program where users can only participate with invitations to test and try the next generation functionality of the app.

Thus, WhatsApp will not be just a messaging app for the future. People will also use it to make phone calls! But to ensure this feature works well, it needs to be tested and checked for problems.

You can only join the beta program if you have an invitation. If you don't have one, you have to wait for the official release of the app.

But if your phone is rooted and the firmware has root access, you can activate WhatsApp Call Invitation.

You don't even need the beta program. The latest version of the application already includes the voice call function. It is simply not enabled. Luckily, there is only one small thing you need to do to get access to calling on WhatsApp Call.

How to activate "Calls" without invitation on Whatsapp? (Root)

Open the Terminal Emulator. Type "su" and press Enter. After that, type “am start -n com.whatsapp / com.whatsapp.HomeActivity” and hit Enter. The new interface is all yours, even with the limitations described above. In short, it is more than a way to test and see the new interface as it would be impractical to use this method every time you want to call another person.

The functionality will be expanded to all users in the coming weeks and months. If in the meantime you want to use VoIP calls rather than traditional ones, applications like Skype or Viber are for you.

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