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    How to hide WhatsApp conversations

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    How to hide WhatsApp conversations. Whatsapp, here's the trick to hide conversations and messages. How to hide WhatsApp chats. WhatsApp has become one of our main forms of communication. Today it is mainly used for talking to family and friends, for greeting old friends, for gossiping and even for shameless flirting.

    Of course, with all this information on our smartphones, it's only natural that no one gets to know about our stuff. To prevent this situation from occurring, we immediately start to delete the chat and go on like this. But you know there is a way to archive these conversations and access it when you want? If you are wondering how to do this, read on.

    We at EpicTrick will explain to you how to hide WhatsApp conversations without deleting them permanently. Did you know that WhatsApp has an option to archive conversations? This feature is known to few, but it's the perfect way to hide conversations from prying eyes.

    This article explains you how to archive a conversation on android and ios step by step. Then we begin to see how to hide WhatsApp conversations.

    How to hide WhatsApp conversations

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    How to hide WhatsApp conversations on Android

    Let's start with Android: open WhatsApp and go to chat, selecting the chat you want to hide.

    Once you have found the WhatsApp conversation you want to hide, press on it with your finger without opening it (you have to press and hold).

    You will be directed to a screen at the top with several options for this particular chat, one of which is Archive Chat.

    Select and make the conversation disappear momentarily from the top of the app.

    To access the conversation again, it's simple.

    Go to the bottom of the chat area where you will find an option called 'archived chats'.

    Selecting this option will display all the conversations you have archived.

    When you want to go back to the conversation, just press again without opening it.

    How to hide WhatsApp conversations on iPhone

    Hide WhatsApp conversations su iOS it's just as simple. To do this, open your WhatsApp and go to the chat area.

    Select the conversation you want to save and, without opening it, swipe left.

    This will bring up the Archive option, which automatically saves the conversation.

    To find the conversation you saved, go to the top of your conversations and swipe down.

    Then you will see the archived chats option.

    Select to find the saved conversation.

    If you want to restore it to return it to the main chat area, swipe left, without opening the chat and select Recover.

    It's that simple! Now that you know how to hide conversations on WhatsApp, nobody will be able to know your conversations. However, I warn you that this option does not work for groups. If a person contacts you again, they'll see their previous messages, so if the conversation is of a sensitive nature, it's best to delete it.

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