How to read Whatsapp message without the sender knowing

How to read Whatsapp message without the sender knowing

In this article we are going to learn how read Whatsapp message without the sender knowing. Have you ever wondered if it is possible read a message on Whatsapp without opening the application? The answer is yes, it is possible read Whatsapp messages without entering the application.

We all know that it's possible not to show the blue double ticks, so your friend won't know if you've read their message. But it will be the same for you too, because even you will not be able to know if your friend has read the message, this is not a good option.

Today we describe three ways to not let the sender know that you have read his message on Whatsapp. It is often useful do not let people know that we have read a message, I do this often, especially when I'm writing an article and someone invites me out.

Our preferred method is through the use of an application downloadable from the Play Store, while the other two are to be configured in the settings of your smartphone. Let's start with the called application Unseen - Hide and read.

How to read Whatsapp message without the sender knowing

The application is very simple to use. Let's take a look at how to read messages on WhatsApp without showing the double blue ticks.

Install the free application from the Play Store "Unseen - Hide and Read" on your Android phone. (Click here to download the application)

At the first start the application will show you information. Scroll left until you see the "Turn on accessibility" button.

Once activated, you must activate notifications for this application as well.

From now on you will also receive messages in the newly installed application “Unseen - Hide and read”.

[Please note: Messages must be read within this application]

Have you finished. From today you can use Whatsapp without showing that you have read the message.

Then there are two other methods that you can use for read Whatsapp messages without being seen.

The first option is to insert a widget of the Whatsapp messaging application on the display of your Android phone.

Just keep your finger pressed on an empty part of the display, choose Widget, find the Whatsapp widget, possibly the 4 x 2 one and place it on the display.

The second method instead is to disable the Wifi and mobile data connections when reading the message, by configuring the Airplane mode in the settings of your Android phone, or by pulling down the notification panel.

In this article I have explained to you how to read a message on Whatsapp without the sender knowing.

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