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    Stickers on Whatsapp, how to download and use the new stickers

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    Let's see together how to use stickers on WhatsApp. How is it possible add new WhatsApp stickers to use in chats? WhatsApp has released one of the most anticipated features by its users, stickers o adhesives. Without a doubt, this was one of the things most awaited by those who already use this feature on Telegram. But how to download and use the new WhatsApp stickers? Let's see below.

    First of all let's check if we have installed the latest version of the app on our smartphone, it should be 2.18.329 or later.

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    How to use stickers in WhatsApp

    • Tap the emoji icon in the lower left corner;
    • On the bottom row, you see a new icon appear, in the form of a sticker, next to the emoji and GIF icon. Touch it. You are already in the stickers area;
    • You can use the stickers in individual conversations or in groups;
    • You now see a top line with four icons. The clock is the area where the last ones are used whatsapp stickers; in the star card there are your favorite stickers;
    • The heart icon has a very interesting function: touching it opens three other icons, representing feelings. That is, touching each of them you will see the stickers related to happiness, love, sadness and surprise. This is a feature that does not exist on Telegram and has proved very practical;
    • After these gray icons, you already see your sticker packs, just by tapping on them you will see the entire collection of Stickers su Whatsapp you just have to choose what you want to use;
    • Navigate through the stickers and simply tap the one you want to add to the conversation.

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    How to add a new sticker pack in WhatsApp

    • To do this, go to the stickers section we showed in the previous steps. After browsing your packages, you can see the + icon with a circle. Touch it;
    • The stickers area is then displayed, with two categories: All stickers and My stickers;
    • In the All Stickers category you can check all the sticker packs that are already available for your WhatsApp. By tapping on one of these packs, you can get to know all the stickers of each pack. Tapping "Download" add the package to WhatsApp thus including it in your collection;
    • In the My Stickers category you can see all the collections you own and manage them. Next to the stickers there are two icons. With the recycle bin you uninstall this sticker pack, with the other icon you keep touching the screen changing the order of the packs to leave the ones you use the most at your fingertips.

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    How to add a sticker to your WhatsApp favorites

    In addition to rearranging your Sticker packs in the My Stickers area, as shown in the previous steps, you may want to keep one or more specific stickers from one or more packs close at hand.

    • To do this, go to the WhatsApp Stickers area by clicking on the emoji icon in the lower left corner and then on the sticker icon on the banner at the bottom;
    • Browse your sticker packs and find your favorite sticker. Then, press your finger on the card and WhatsApp will ask you if you want to add it to your favorites;
    • Finally, tap the star icon and check out your new collection of favorites;
    • To remove from favorites, hold your finger on the figure and wait until WhatsApp asks if you want to remove it, confirm.

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    How to find WhatsApp sticker packs

    Because it's a new feature, you'll still find some sticker packs officially available within the app. But how to find sticker packs on whatsapp

    • To do this, go to the WhatsApp Stickers area by clicking on the emoji icon in the lower left corner and then on the sticker icon on the banner at the bottom;
    • After browsing your sticker packs, you can see a + icon with a circle. Touch it;
    • Go to the bottom of the sticker list. You will see the phrase "Get more stickers". Click on it;
    • WhatsApp takes you to Google Play, where there are many, many sticker packs available, mostly free.

    How to install Telegram stickers on WhatsApp

    As you may have noticed, the apps that suggest these sticker packs come from Telegram, so this is a way to install Telegram sticker packs on your WhatsApp.

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