How to share a video larger than 15MB with WhatsApp

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How to share a video larger than 15MB with WhatsApp, and as we all know WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded applications among Google Play and App Store, this tells the success of this utility.

But it sucks when I record a small clip on my phone and want to send it to one of my friends on WhatsApp and they won't let me, saying it's bigger then 15MB. As we are in the era of smartphones so it is only natural that there will be a way out of this problem.

We looked at the file size of some 30-40 second HD videos at around 18-20MB. The problem is that every time you try to share this video on WhatsApp you will not be allowed and it will show you a message that the file is larger than 15MB.

If you want to send your videos larger than 15MB, you will need to reduce the size first. There are many applications available in the Play Store that can reduce the size of videos. But most have some limitations, and so they make me angry.

Video Converter Android is the ideal application for compressing a video. Once you have decreased the size of the video, you can send it without further problems. This is how we share large video in WhatsApp very easily.

How to share a video larger than 15MB with WhatsApp

First download and install “Video Converter Android” dal Google Play.

Run the application after you have installed it.

Once installed it will automatically scan existing videos, otherwise it will also be possible to import a video.

Now select the video you want to shrink and tap the Convert button.

It will reduce the size of the video, but the quality will remain the same. Now you can send the file using WhatsApp.

In the near future WhatsApp will be able to add a new feature… WhatsApp Video Editor in its new update.

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