How to see the WhatsApp status of our contacts without their knowledge

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WhatsApp statuses have always been the subject of controversy, for better or for worse. Many users are against this new feature and have even created a for Zuckerberg and company to eliminate this feature from the application or at least, to decide on a case by case basis whether to have it or not. But whether we want it or not, we won't get rid of it easily (at least for the moment) we have to live with it.

One of the copied functions inherited from Snapchat is what it does to us know who has seen our stories but, is it possible to see the stories of our contacts without them knowing? Yes, it is possible, just as we can decide who can and who cannot see our stories.

Let's see in a few simple steps how can we see the WhatsApp status of our contacts without them knowing.

How to see the WhatsApp status of our contacts without their knowledge

How to hide WhatsApp status

The procedure is terribly simple. To prevent our contacts from knowing that we have seen their states, all we need to do is disable the read receipt, which activates the two blue ticks in WhatsApp messages.

With this option disabled, our contacts will not know that we have seen their story, but we must take into account that the thing is mutual, so we can't know who has seen our stories since we turned off read receipts.

To do this on Android we will have to go to WhatsApp settings> Accounts> Privacy> Read receipts and disable. In the case of iOS, go to Settings> Account> Privacy> and disable read receipts here too.

This option can be revoked at any time, but we will still lose all read receipts.

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How to choose who to share my story with on whatsapp

If instead of wanting to hide from others, what you want is that some people can't see your stories, you also have the option to do it from the application itself.

To choose which contacts we want to see our story on Android, we can select them manually from the WhatsApp settings> Status> Status privacy and here choose who we want to see us or limit the visibility to some users.

In the case of iOS, the itinerary is similar: Settings> Accounts> Privacy> States and here, come in Android, we choose who we want to see us. Likewise "invisibility" is revocable, we can also allow the contacts we have selected to be able to see our stories again or not.

All actions are reciprocal and revocable

As you can see it is quite easy to maintain privacy because we are always able to give or withdraw permission.

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