The WhatsApp scam that promises to tell you who has seen your profile photo

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WhatsApp, allows you to find out who has seen our profile picture, will it be true? WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world and has advantages and disadvantages. Virtually everyone uses it, even those who don't use too much technology and social networks, breeding ground for hoaxes, phishing, scams or make you believe that you are about to open a legitimate website and instead take control of your mobile.

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La WhatsApp scam that promises to tell you who has seen your profile picture is a link that opens the doors of your mobile and promises to make you know who saw your WhatsApp profile photo, false, of course. Actually the message contains a malicious link the content of which may vary depending on the country and time, although the goal is always the same: to get money or infect your smartphone.

In both cases, this one scam on Whatsapp puts a I risk your privacy, although, one thing must be clear: it is not possible to know who has seen your WhatsApp profile because the company does not share this information with anyone.

Create this kind of scams on Whatsapp it is quite easy and very profitable, as the messages quickly go viral. Once they have infected your cell phone, they are automatically forwarded to other numbers in your contact list, who are sucked into the same trap when they open the link.

Something similar happens on Facebook, so you should be careful when opening certain web pages. The alleged page or link seems normal at least in appearance. That's not the case, and it's easy to create a bogus website to confuse users, even manipulate URLs.

The only way to stay safe is common sense and caution. If it looks suspicious, don't open the link. In this case you should be wondering if do you really think WhatsApp will tell you who visited your profile picture. The answer is obviously no.

Another advisable option, although not foolproof, is to use an antivirus on your Android phone. There are many, and free of charge, but as we said there is nothing that can save you if you indiscriminately open any suspicious URLs you receive.

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Whether you use the application to chat on your mobile or use it on a PC, do not open this message. You can't see who opens your WhatsApp photo and you never know. Same thing goes for Facebook too.

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