How to send a song with Whatsapp

How to send a song with Whatsapp. The WhatsApp application has made our everyday life easier and one of the many advantages it has is that it allows us to send all types of files to another mobile device. This includes sending pictures, messages, videos and music in various formats.

Suddenly you feel the need to send your friend a fantastic song, which you like very much, with WhatsApp everything is possible. On EpicTrick we show you how to send a song with WhatsApp.

There are several ways to send or share an audio file through WhatsApp and often the options available vary depending on the operating system you have on your smartphone.

In this post we will only talk about the most used options, then you decide which one to choose. They are all very simple and practical.

How to send a song with Whatsapp

The most common way to share a song on WhatsApp is to use the button with a symbol on a paperweight. It usually appears when having a conversation with another person or group, in the top right corner of the device.

Click on the paperweight icon, once done different options will appear. If the operating system is Android the icons displayed will be: gallery, location, photo, video, and audio.

In the new tab choose audio and then again choose music track and you are done!

If your mobile is iOS, it is a bit more difficult.

You can choose the sound recorder, but if you have installed a download manager such as Filemaster, you can select the file to send through WhatsApp.

If you press the 'Audio' button, you will see three icons - one of which is the 'Select Song' button.

You need to choose the icon to select the song, then the list of songs that are stored in the device will appear.

Once you're on your music list, just select the one you want, and hit enter.

Whoever receives it, just has to click and download the audio file.

It is not always necessary to follow this path to send a song or audio file on WhatsApp.

Depending on the operating system available, the options may vary.

You can browse the gallery, choose a song and share it.

When you hit send file, you can choose between: Skype, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, WhatsApp, Hotmail and others.

At this point, having chosen the song, just select the contact to whom you want to send that song.

It is also possible to open a song with an editing program or a sound recorder and then choose the sharing option on WhatsApp.

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