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    How to create fake conversations on WhatsApp

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    How to create fake conversations on WhatsApp. WhatsFun is a beautiful application for Android that allows you to create real fake Whatsapp conversations! You can use it to make a joke or to create funny posts to post on social media.

    Functionality and how it works

    The application is very simple to use and has virtually identical graphics to Whatsapp.

    Let's analyze the interface of this application.

    At the top left, by clicking on the profile of the photo, you can choose it from your gallery, just like for the name, click on it to change it.

    The symbol with the 4 arrows at the top right is used after completing the conversation to position the interface in full screen, in order to make the screen as if it were a real Whatsapp conversation.

    The 3 dots in the upper right corner allow you to clear the screen and access settings.

    To write, as you can see below left and right, there are two arrows. The one on the right sends the “green” message, while the left arrow is used for “blank” messages.

    As you will see, it is practically identical to the Whatsapp chat!

    The only flaw is the impossibility of changing the time of the messages, with the modification of the times it would have been even more realistic.

    How to create fake conversations on WhatsApp - How to download WhatsFun

    The app for create fake conversations on Whatsapp is available on iOS and Android. The iOS version is much more complete and allows you to create fake conversations in groups, change message schedules and much more!

    • Download for iOS
    • Download for Android
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