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If you connect on WhatsApp, your friends or relatives know that you have opened the application, and if you are writing a message, the app communicates it to the recipient. There are tricks for reply on WhatsApp without being online, how to reply in airplane mode or reply from the banner when it appears!

In this article we are going to show you a method for use WhatsApp without being online o reply to messages on Whatsapp without being online.

The process is free, simple and very useful for use WhatsApp without being online. You just need an application that weighs little, only shows advertisements and does not abuse our permissions, useful for hide the last login and be invisible online on Whatsapp.

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The screen is our ally

The only thing we need for hide that we are online on WhatsApp is to download the Flychat application. We have read some complaints in the comments, from some users who say that the app no ​​longer works with the latest versions of WhatsApp.

At the time of writing this article, the application works perfectly on Android 9.0 Pie with the latest version of WhatsApp, tested on Android Stock and on a heavy level like EMUI. The application is quite light and has a very simple interface.

It does not abuse our permissions, as the only thing it asks of us is the allowed to overlay the screen. The app doesn't have access to our messages, phone number, microphone or the like, all it does is open a new WhatsApp window on our display, so that we can reply on Whatsapp without opening the application.

This will allow us to reply to messages without being online and without letting our contacts know that we are writing a message, as well as read all the messages that have been sent to us without the need for the double blue check.

The main advantage of this app is that when we open the bubble, we access a very comfortable chat interface, so we can have full conversations from this app and read messages without being online.

Keep in mind that the application has no access to any kind of permission beyond the screen overlay, which allows us to receive any type of file or to send voice notes, images… without opening Whatsapp.

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Beyond WhatsApp

Flychat goes beyond WhatsApp, allowing us to use bubbles with any instant messaging application like Google Messages, Telegram, Line… Besides allowing us to hide our connection, the main focus of the app is respond quickly to our messages, without letting our contacts know that we are online.

As anticipated, the app to use WhatsApp without being online is free, respecting our authorizations and it has a Material interface, something very important today. While it appears to have no support, it hasn't been updated since 2017, it works flawlessly, in our tests, with both layered cell phones and clean Android mobile devices, so if you want reply to messages on Whatsapp without being online o chat on Whatsapp without being online, you just have to try this app.

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