How to watch Netflix free for a month or without registration

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Do you want to try Netflix for a month for free but the option available for the trial no longer appears on the site and would you like to know how to do it? Here's how to get Netflix free for a month.

Netflix free for one month

Netflix as of April 2019 has removed the free trial for a month on a fixed basis as an option.

You must know, however, that he proposes it again at intervals of time.

So if your aim is to see all the free content you will have to wait for the right moment for the button to be available on the Netflix page Start now / Try it now.

Now proceed with the registration by entering your details and payment method.

Once you get to the section where you enter your credit card or PayPal data, make sure that the wording of the button at the bottom says Start of the free trial to activate your Netflix account for free for the set days or 14 or 30 days.

If you see instead Start your paid subscription your Netflix account will be activated by paying the amount immediately. So if your intent is to have Netflix free even for a short period, unsubscribe.

If everything went well and you started the free trial, remember to cancel Netflix before the trial period ends otherwise you will pay the subscription amount of the chosen plan after this period.

Here is the procedure to cancel Netflix subscription.

How to watch Netflix without registration

If the free trial is not available and you still want to know how the service works and if the viewing on your device is optimal before signing up for a subscription, Netflix allows you to watch an episode of a TV series of your choice for free without any registration.

What you need to do is go to the main page of the service and scroll down until you see the section Watch an episode, no registration required. Here press the button Watch Now.

On the next page, start playing the episode for free and without any recording by selecting Play now. Once done the video will play on your device.

If once the episode is over you are still not convinced, to take out a paid subscription immediately, you can scroll the page to discover all the original contents such as Netflix TV series and movies and see the trailers so you know what you will find available in case you leaf subscribe to the service.

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