The best stickers for WhatsApp [Free]

The best stickers for WhatsApp [Free]

Tired of always using the same stickers? We have selected the best stickers for whatsapp to download. It's a matter of taste, that's why we've included a lot of variety and originality. It took longer than the competition, but in the end WhatsApp issued the stickers and, as expected, everyone went crazy.

The 50 best sticker packs for WhatsApp

Fortnite stickers for WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been very clever in offering total freedom to create stickers, both to third-party app developers, and to the users themselves. That's why in a few weeks they are already there thousands of WhatsApp sticker apps for you to download. Which one to choose? We have conducted extensive research and we show you the best free stickers for WhatsApp.

Surely you have already downloaded a sticker pack on your Whatsapp, but it is sure that they are not enough for you. But we must remember that WhatsApp is probably the most used app by people around the world, and ultimately the stickers we use end up being repetitive. That's why it would be nice to renew them from time to time.

Let's see how download the best free sticker packs for whatsapp. We focus on Android because Apple doesn't allow app package downloads. Keep in mind that these types of packs disappear as quickly as they appear, so while we posted a list of stickers a month ago, most of them disappeared. Here we include the newest ones.

As they represent a relatively new option, we also explain how to download and install WhatsApp sticker packs e how to make stickers.

Download and installation

whatsapp stickers are some stickers that appear on the keyboard when you type a message in the application. Don't confuse them with Android stickers, which are similar but standalone. If you have updated WhatsApp you should already have them activated.

To find out if you have the stickers, enter a chat and tap the emoji icon. When the emoji panel opens, he looks for the new sticker icon at the bottom.

If you don't have that icon, you haven't updated WhatsApp, or your phone is old.

How to download and install stickers on Whatsapp

It is not a diversi modi per download WhatsApp stickers. From the app itself, if you tap the stickers icon and then the + button, you access a collection of apps that you can add to your favorites.

The second option is download WhatsApp sticker apps from Google Play. When using the apps, they automatically install the stickers on the mobile. This is the option we will use.

Create your stickers

You can create your own WhatsApp stickers to give your messages a personal touch. In this article we explain how to do it:

How to make your own stickers for WhatsApp

If you have read the article, you will have noticed that to create the stickers you have to delete the backgrounds manually. If you are not good at it, you can use this free online tool that clears photo backgrounds with artificial intelligence, its operation is extremely simple. You just have to go to the website, upload a photo or select it on a web page. 

Now it's time to take a look at the best free sticker packs for whatsapp to download.

A little bit of everything

Most offers several WhatsApp sticker packs that play different themes, so you will find a good variety within each app.

New stickers for use in WAStickerApps

This app was released in early 2019, with a collection of over 100 sticker packs on various topics: video games, anime, memes, pets, celebrities, emojis, etc. You will surely find something that interests you.

Download new stickers for use in WAStickerApps

Sticker per Whatsapp – WAStickerApps

Quality stickers dedicated to all kinds of themes: birthdays, parties, food, sports, feelings, etc. Impossible not to find something that interests you.

Free Download Ssticker for Whatsapp - WAStickerApps

Stickers for Whatsapp - Stickers for Whatsapp - WAStickerApps Stickers

It is called the same as the previous one, but the stickers are different. Dedicated to dozens of topics, from TV series to famous politicians, trends, Halloween, etc.

Scarica gratis Stickers for Whatsapp – WAStickerApps Stickers

Stickers for lovers and couples

WAStickerApps – Love Stickers Packs For Whatsapp

A collection of quality love stickers, featuring handmade designs with lots of class and charisma. One of the best free sticker packs for whatsapp.

Scarica gratis WAStickerApps – Love Stickers Packs For Whatsapp

WAStickerApps Loves and lovers couples

Love stickers for couples who cannot live apart. Emojis, animations and lots of cloying hearts.

Download WAStickerApps Love and lovers couples

Funny memes and stickers

Funny Stickers for Whatsapp - Funny Stickers for Whatsapp

This package is dedicated to Most famous animated GIFs and memes on the Internet. Some are nearly 20, but if you like the classic, here they are.

Download Funny Stickers for Whatsapp for free

Meme Stickers for WA – WAStickerApps

Other memes circulating on Facebook, Twitter and other networks. Michael Jordan and his tears, Elon Musk, Donald Trump ...

Download free Meme Stickers for WA

Video game stickers

WAStickerApps – Games stickers for Whatsapp

several WhatsApp sticker packs dedicated to video games most popular: Fortnite, Clash Royale, PUBG and many more. They can be installed separately.

Scarica gratis WAStickerApps – Games stickers for Whatsapp

Stickers dedicated to dogs Whatsapp - WAStickerApps - Dog Stickers

If you like dogs, you have them in all possible formats: photos, drawings, emojis, etc.

Scarica gratis WAStickerApps – Dog Stickers

New stickers dedicated to cats - New WAStickerApps? Cat Stickers For Chat

There can be no dogs without cats. That's why we couldn't miss our selection of best free sticker packs for whatsapp, one dedicated to cats. As in the previous one, there are photos, drawings, cartoons, emojis and much more.

Scarica New WAStickerApps Cat Stickers


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