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Have you started using Telegram? The Russian instant messaging application, a direct rival of WhatsApp, has gained millions of users over the years, thanks to tons of extra features and a very secure encryption system. The graphical interface is quite intuitive. However, you may have some doubts about sensitive chat information. One of these is probably related to thelast recent access on Telegram. This is an inscription that you don't usually see on WhatsApp, or on Messenger, and even less in Instagram Direct. So you asked the web for an opinion, and the search results, fortunately, directed you to the right place.

In fact, you must know that, unlike WhatsApp, within the application, the Telegram logs act in a different way. If you are not used to them, then, these could create a bit of confusion at first. I'll start by telling you right away that if you see the word “Last accessed recently” under the name of some contacts, you don't have to worry. The problem, in most cases, is not with you. It is also true, however, that there is a "long history" behind this apparently harmless rumor. Now, I'll explain what it means and how this data is recorded within the application.


  • How the last access time on Telegram is recorded
  • Because you don't see the exact time
  • Because the hidden time is not removed
  • Situations in which the last visit does not appear
  • Telegram last access times
  • How to review the date and time of access of a Telegram contact

How the last access time on Telegram is recorded

When there are no particular privacy options active, the access time on Telegram is recorded exactly as on WhatsApp. This means, every time a user opens the application and check the messages, the logger internal notes it and updates the access time during the exit phase. This is indicated under the contact name, with the detail hour and minutes or date and time, based on the elapsed time.

This occurs only under normal conditions. In fact, if a contact decides to block you or change your privacy settings in order not to let other users know the last access, you will no longer see the exact time under its name, but the words "Last accessed recently".

To the less experienced eyes, the last access recently on Telegram can still turn out to be a suspicious entry. It is also true, then, that in some situations, this writing also appears due to an incorrect setting on your phone. So let's see in detail how to analyze the situation and how to solve it.

Because you don't see the exact time

Believe it or not, a lot of users have been asking me in the last period because you don't see the exact time of access on Telegram. As I just told you, this entry shouldn't depend on you, as long as you haven't touched anything in the privacy settings. If not, don't try to blame your smartphone or the internet, because it won't do any good.

Most of the time, the only one responsible is the user you are interacting with. In fact, it is he who decides whether to make his access hours public or not.

To remove any doubts, however, you could act in two ways:

  • By checking your privacy settings;
  • Looking at the last access time of other contacts.

You can find the corresponding privacy options in the Settings of Telegram, in the tab Privacy and security. Here, after tapping on Last login and online, you can vary the application options to your liking. The most interesting option, in this case, is perhaps "Don't share with”, Which allows you to choose which users you do not want to show your accesses without having to block them.

That option may have been used on you by that person. If so, though, you should see the last recent Telegram login exclusively for that contact. So try a check schedules under other profile names.

In case saw them, then it could be like I told you, or even that the contact in question has hidden his last login for everyone. If, on the other hand, thelast indefinite access even under the name of other contacts, then the problem could be yours privacy settings. Make sure you haven't hidden your last visit time on Telegram. In this case, in fact, it would happen like on WhatsApp: you would not see that of others.

Another reason, perhaps the worst, for which the last access written recently on Telegram may appear, is related to the block. If you are blocked by a user, in fact, you can only see this generic information, nothing more. In this case, however, you would notice immediately, since you could no longer send him messages. Moreover, you should continue to see the detailed timetable under the name of the other contacts.

To do the litmus test, you could also check Telegram using it smartphone of a mutual friend with the subject of which you are interested in knowing this detail. If you see him on his Android phone or iPhone, then it would mean that your username has been blacklisted at the last login. If not, this information may have been withheld from everyone.

Because the hidden time is not removed

I know very well what question you are asking yourself right now, and it is the same one that also came to mind to me long ago: because the Telegram timetable is not completely hidden? In fact, you will have noticed, at least if you use WhatsApp, that when a user uses the enhanced privacy under his name, no status is reported.

In fact, the last recently logged in on Telegram is used as a standard by the instant messaging system to tell contacts that the user is active and uses the application on a regular basis. You can also see this information by opening the Telegram contacts directory.

This detail may seem superfluous. In truth, it is a form of secondary security, to be able to identify who is no longer active or who has been banned from the service.

Situations in which the last visit does not appear

For the reasons I have just described to you, it is necessary to try to understand what the situations in which the last access on Telegram does not appear. In fact, these cases are not possible by default, but due to very specific reasons.

The cases concerning the not displaying the last access recently on Telegram, therefore the full disappearance of the one written under the profile name, could be linked to:

  • Inactive accounts: after a certain period of time, maximum 6 months, the Telegram account is automatically deactivated, without the possibility of recovery;
  • Ban by the development team: exactly as happens on WhatsApp, the Telegram messaging system is also governed by a series of rules for the civil coexistence of users. If these are infringed, it is possible that the "outlaw" user may be banned temporarily or even permanently;
  • Voluntary Account Cancellation: in this situation, the profile still remains in the service databases for a certain period of time, usually 30 days, continuing to be available in the address book even if it is no longer active.

Try it again, for this type of situation, you have it trying to to send a message. If profiles were in the above situations, they could neither view your messages nor reply to you.

Telegram last access times

The access recognition system of this instant messaging app, however, is even more complex than what I have told you so far. In fact, there is not only the latest access recently on Telegram. There are also other written with indefinite timing which may appear under a contact name.

Below, I illustrate and explain all the possible cases:

  • Last accessed recently: indicates a login made within 3 days;
  • Last login within a week: this wording instead means that the user used Telegram for the last time in a period of time between two and seven days ago;
  • Last accessed within one month: here the times are lengthened, as well as the time frame, and it is possible to identify the last access of a person between 7 and 30 days ago;
  • Last accessed a long time ago: this is the last notice available on Telegram, which places the last access in a period of time included between one and six months.

Once the six months of inactivity have passed, the account in question will come hibernated, or rather, it will come permanently removed, chat and multimedia files included. It will even be disconnected from all groups and channels it was a part of. Read the guide in which I explain how to delete the Telegram account for more information.

As you can see, however, the panorama of Telegram's indefinite accesses is really wide. Therefore, it is very easy to confuse the various states of activity.

How to review the date and time of access of a Telegram contact

At this point, we just have to understand how to see again the date and time of access of a Telegram contact. Be very careful with this paragraph, because I will reveal to you a detail that often goes unnoticed.

First, I recommend that you try control access with another smartphone. As I have already told you a few paragraphs above, in this way you can remove any doubts, understanding if the time is invisible only to you or to all the contacts of that person.

In the first case, you could try to get the contact to remove your name from the blacklist of access hours, although I assure you that it will not be easy at all, unless it is a mistake. In the second case, however, there is nothing you can do, except be inserted into the whitelist, so that you can be the only one who sees the last login.

Precisely, that contact should hide the last access time from everyone (if he believes) and at the same time put your name in the list "Share with"Of the privacy settings, present in the item Add exceptions.

In this way, you would be able to make the last access recently on Telegram disappear, thus returning to display the time and date under the name of a profile. Undoubtedly, however, you will now have a little clearer ideas about this matter.

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