What happens if you delete a person on Instagram

What happens if you delete a person on Instagram? What happens when you delete a follower from Instagram? If you have a public profile on Instagram, anyone can follow you and view your posts on their feed. Thanks to this, sometimes a person we don't like can follow us anyway. Our first thought is to delete this follower from Instagram. If you have decided to block someone on Instagram, know that it is not necessary to make such a hard decision.

You can simply remove it from your follower list. Blocking someone is a way to remove that person as a follower. However, blocking is not always a sensible choice as it has its drawbacks. For example, you won't be able to see his profile or send him messages. Fortunately, you can remove someone as a follower without suffering the repercussions of being blocked. Let's see what happens if you delete a person on Instagram.

What happens when you delete a follower from Instagram?

Unlike Facebook, where adding a friend is a two-way street, following someone on Instagram is a one-way street. Meaning, when you follow someone, they don't make a mutual connection. Only you can see their posts. They have to follow you to see your posts.

Likewise, if someone follows you, there is no need for you to follow them again so they can view your posts. If you don't want someone to view your posts, you can remove them as a follower with the native feature provided by Instagram. And when you do, that person will have to follow you to view your posts.

Can the removed person see your Posts and Stories?

It depends on whether your profile is private or public. If you have a private account and you remove a follower, the person will not be able to see your old or new posts and stories. This is because your profile is blocked now. That person will need to resubmit a follow request. The choice therefore lies in your hand. You can accept, reject or leave it intact.

When you choose the former, the person will regain access to your Instagram profile. However, if you decline or take no action, your posts will remain hidden.

On the other hand, if you have a public profile, the person will not get your posts and stories directly on their feed. But that person can open your Instagram profile by searching for your username and then check the posts and stories without following you.

When removing a Follower, does Instagram send a notification?

No. When you remove a follower, Instagram doesn't notify them in any way. However, that person may become suspicious when they start not seeing your posts or stories on their feed.

If they open your profile and it's a private account, the person will see a Follow button along with the text that says' This account is private. Follow the account to see the photos and videos ”. Of course, that will make things quite obvious.

Similarly, although it is not as obvious for public accounts as the person will not see direct text but a different button. So it depends on your luck whether the person you removed notices it or not.

What happens to the messages

Nothing happens to the messages. You can still message each other.

Can you see their posts?

Yes. If you already follow that person, you can still see their posts. As mentioned above, follow is a one-way link on Instagram. So even if you remove them as a follower, it has no impact on you.

What happens if you delete a person on Instagram? Can you follow them?

In case you weren't following the person before, you can still do it. Now, if that person has a private profile, they have to accept your follow request in order for you to view their posts. However, if it's a public account, you can immediately view their posts.

Can they ask you to follow you again?

Yes, always. Removing someone as a follower doesn't stop that person from following you again. They can hit the Follow button to start following you again. When they do, you'll get a notification that XYZ has started following you.

Can you cancel the deletion of a Follower on Instagram?

No. You can't re-add a removed follower from your Instagram followers list. They will have to follow you on their own again. So, if you know them, you can ask them to follow you again.

How to know if someone has removed you from the Follower list?

Open their Instagram profile. If you see a Follow or Follow button again, it means you've been removed.

How to remove a Follower from Instagram?

Here are the steps for Android and iPhone:

  1. Open your Instagram profile and tap the follower count at the top.
  2. Use the search to search for the person you want to remove.
  3. Tap the three-dot icon next to their name.
  4. A pop-up will open asking you to confirm your decision to remove them.
  5. Tap Remove.

What happens if you delete a person on Instagram?

When you unfollow someone on Instagram, their posts will stop appearing on your feed. And if it's a private profile, you will lose the right to see their posts.

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