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    How to see Instagram stories without anyone knowing: 6 methods

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    Instagram is one of the most successful social networks in the world today. Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks of the moment, a perfect place to share with friends, follow famous people or admire beautiful girls. Why not say it, Instagram is a great tool for gossiping, to find out what others are doing and discuss with your friends.

    If you don't want others to talk about you, you can always block someone on Instagram Stories, but what happens instead when you want to spy without being seen? In this tutorial, you can learn 6 ways to view Instagram Stories anonymously.

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    How to see Instagram stories without anyone knowing: 6 methods

    Wine Day

    Instagram informs users on their accounts of who has seen their stories, whether they have a public or private profile. To bypass this platform security barrier, there are websites like WeInstag that help you view Stories anonymously. To take advantage of this tool, there is one requirement: that the account you want to visit is public.

    Once this detail is secured, you will just have to enter your username in the web search bar, without the need to also insert the at. Enter and view all the stories the user has uploaded, both photos and videos.

    As you can see, WeInstag allows you to see these stories online and download them to your device. However, if this tool doesn't convince you to download images, you should know that there are other methods to download Instagram photos.


    Like the previous option, StoriesIg is another website that gives you the opportunity to see the stories of users with public accounts without being informed by Instagram. Perhaps this tool goes a little further, since you it also shows the stories pending by the user regardless of the time elapsed since you uploaded them.

    To use this website, simply enter your username in the search bar. When you search, you'll see your account and stories highlighted. Select the first option if you want to see the content that the person has uploaded during the last 24 hours or the second if you want to see only the highlighted posts.

    In case you want to download pictures and videos, you can to do it also by selecting the "Download" button that appears under each publication.

    Twitly Unfollowers

    Twitly Unfollowers offers several features for Instagram users, although we highlight the one that allows you to see the Instagram stories of others without anyone knowing. You will have to log in with your account to be able to view the Stories anonymously, as well as downloading the content or seeing who has recently unfollowed you, among other information.

    IG Stories for Instagram

    The Google Chrome browser also has its own extension to view Instagram Stories anonymously. It's called “IG Stories for Instagram” and you just have to install it in your browser to be able to chat quietly on the social network.

    After installation, Whenever you log into Instagram and see the stories of other users, they will not be notified. Furthermore, it is also possible to easily download the publications they have uploaded to the platform. In case you want to use the normal web version of the social network again, you will need to uninstall the extension.

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    Flight mode

    This trick, unknown to many Instagram users, is very useful when it comes to viewing stories anonymously. The process of using it is simple: open the app and let the stories load in the top bar on the main screen.

    When you are sure that the information you want to see has already been loaded, activate the airplane mode of your phone to block any access to the Internet. Take the opportunity to see the Instagram Stories you want to gossip before disabling Airplane Mode and reuse the app as you usually do.

    Plan B

    You must have a strong desire to want to see stories from others if you have decided to use this option, Plan B. In desperation, create a sub account so you can spy on other profiles without users really knowing who is behind that name.

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