How to download Instagram videos online (PC and smartphone)

Today Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world and number one in multimedia content, but at the moment it is not possible download Instagram videos directly from the application. This is very useful for many users, who have to look for alternative formulas as it is not possible to perform this action from the official application.

On Instagram we can find a wide variety of content, from photos to videos, through personal accounts, famous people or brands. This means that the social network has a very varied content and audience, posting thousands of photos every day.

And how can it happen, when something is posted on the Internet, it is possible that after a while it disappears, is deleted, the profile is changed privately, the author blocks access or we simply do not find it. Therefore, it can be useful to be able to download the publications you want and always have them at hand on your mobile or PC.

Here the problem arises that, directly from the Instagram application, it is not possible to download the content, since there is no way to do it officially. What we can do is use applications that allow us to achieve this in a very simple, fast and free way.

How to download Instagram videos from browser?

Whether from the computer, from the tablet or from the smartphone we will be able to run Instagram video download that we want only by opening the browser of the device and performing the actions that we tell you below.

We will be able to download the videos by copying the link of the publication on different pages that offer us this type of service. There are many examples, but these are the best places to download Instagram videos easily and for free.

Download Gram

This website gives us the ability to download videos, photos and even IGTV content directly to our device.

We'll just have to change the link and paste it in the corresponding field, marked very clearly on the web. Once this is done, we will have to press the "Download" button and wait for the portal to recognize the content we have entered.

A “Download video” button will then appear, which we will have to press to finish downloading our video and be able to enjoy it at any time, wherever we want.

Useful tools

From the portal we find a tool to download Instagram videos in a very simple and convenient way.

Simply by copying and pasting the video link directly, we will be able to get the social network video downloaded in high quality and in MP4 format.

This tool is totally free and allows you to download photos as well. Furthermore, it is available for Windows, Mac or even for mobile operating systems like Android or IOS. With one click you will have everything ready to download your video and watch it whenever you want.


The Instaview portal offers us features similar to the previous one. It has ads, but it won't be very inconvenient and we will be able to download the video we want without many complications.

We will have to indicate the link of the multimedia content we searched for. On this portal we can also enter the username to download the content. Once selected, we will have to click on "Download now". 

Then we will be able to see a preview of the content and in a few seconds we will have the video in mp4 format ready to see it on our mobile or PC.

Download Instagram videos

From this site we will be able to download the Instagram videos we want in a very simple way. It works pretty much the same way as everyone else. We will have to select the video we want to download from Instagram, once done we copy the link and go to the web open in the browser.

From here we will just have to paste the link into the search engine, wait for the site to recognize the video and we will be ready to download the content. In seconds we will have our Instagram video downloaded to the right device for us, so quick and easy.


Finally we find the DreDown portal. This site is very intuitive and just by hitting the link and pressing the button “DreDown” we will have the video downloaded where we want in a moment.

The web has the main peculiarity that not only will we be able to download videos from Instagram, but also offers us the possibility of carrying out the same action, but for the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and many others.

It has a lot of publicity as a negative point, but it's not something that greatly affects whether we are looking to download the video without any fuss.

How to download Instagram videos from smartphone?

If you prefer, instead of use the browser, instead use an equally effective mobile application and with which you get the same good results to download a video from Instagram, there are also some alternatives.

If you are an Android user, you will be able to find a wide variety of applications that can perform this function. Conversely, iOS users have fewer alternatives, although it is always possible use the browser method.

Let's go with the apps available for download Instagram videos quickly and for free.

Downloader for Instagram: Photo & Video Saver (Android)

This application has a very simple method for download videos directly from Instagram to your smartphone. We will just have to copy the link and paste it into the application.

Once we have it, we will have to select the option "Check URL" and we'll have a preview of the video, so we can check if that's what we're looking for. The application also gives us the possibility to choose if we want to repost the video on Instagram from your account.

video that we download with this application are in mp4 and photo are saved in jpg. In addition, we have a very convenient download history that allows us to see all movements clearly and quickly.

Downloader for Instagram -Download foto e video IG (Android)

With this Video Downloader app for Instagram you can download videos and photos from Instagram and save them in your android gallery.

It works pretty much the same way as the previous browser or application. We'll just have to copy the video link from Instagram to the application and we will have everything ready.

Also, you will be able to copy the description and content labels to get more information about the downloaded multimedia content.

How to download Instagram videos from web browser?

You can use the following websites: DownloadGram, Instaview, Download Instagram Videos and Dredown ..

How to download Instagram videos from my Android smartphone?

You can use the following apps: Downloader for Instagram y Video Downloader for Instagram.

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