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    WhatsApp Web: how to use WhatsApp Web on PC, tablet and phone and the best tricks

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    In this article we will talk about WhatsApp Web: how to use WhatsApp Web on PC, tablet and phone and how to use it to the fullest. It started nearly four years ago and has since become the preferred way for millions of users to chat with their friends and loved ones through the PC. WhatsApp Web is, without a doubt, one of the best inventions to emerge from the offices of WhatsApp and, while not a complete solution like Telegram or other competitors in the field of messaging, the tool offers everything - or almost everything - that is needed for those moments when we prefer to use WhatsApp via the browser instead of using our smartphone.

    Despite being a simple and easy-to-use utility, WhatsApp Web hides many more secrets and curiosities than most users of the platform can imagine. In this guide, we will give you the most useful options, as well as numerous tips and tricks with which to get the most out of the web version of the messaging platform. After we will see how to use WhatsApp Web on PC, tablet and phone. But first, what is WhatsApp Web really?

    Its name leaves no room for doubt: WhatsApp Web is none other than the web version of WhatsApp. Initially, the functions of the tool were limited and, among other things, it was not possible to send or receive documents and until several months after its inception, only some browsers were compatible. Fortunately, over time, new features have arrived that have made WhatsApp Web a much more complete tool.

    As for its operation, it is necessary to take into account that WhatsApp Web requires a paired mobile phone and connected to the Internet at any time, otherwise the application will not work. Although there are cross-platform alternatives such as Telegram that offer the ability to continue chats on computers or other devices such as tablets, without the need to keep the phone associated with the user's account connected. Furthermore, due to the system used by WhatsApp Web, on more than one occasion we have had to report problems or security breaches discovered that would have allowed attackers to spy on users' conversations.

    WhatsApp Web: how to use WhatsApp Web on PC, tablet and phone

    1. How to use WhatsApp Web on your computer

    One of the great strengths of WhatsApp Web over other desktop messaging platforms is its own ease of use. Any user, new or advanced, can use WhatsApp Web without too many complications. To do this, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

    1. On your computer, open the web version of WhatsApp.
    2. On your mobile device, open the WhatsApp app and click the three-dot button at the top right.
    3. In the options menu, click on "WhatsApp Web".
    4. If necessary, authorize WhatsApp to access the camera.
    5. Scan the QR code that appears in the web version of WhatsApp with your mobile phone's camera

    Once the connection is established, all conversations will appear in the web version of WhatsApp and it will be possible to continue any chat through the computer monitor without having to use the smartphone. WhatsApp Web works with any current browser, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge or others.

    Is it possible to use WhatsApp Web without a mobile device or without a QR code?

    As mentioned above, and since WhatsApp notifies you immediately after connecting, the smartphone must always remain connected to the Internetotherwise there may be problems such as messages not arriving or temporary disconnections. Therefore, we cannot turn off the phone, remove the SIM card or disable Wi-Fi or data. Therefore, at least today, there is no way to use WhatsApp Web without having a mobile connected. And there is no other method than the QR code.

    2. How to use WhatsApp Web on an Android tablet or iPad

    Although the tool was designed to use WhatsApp via the browser on a computer, WhatsApp Web does not impose any restrictions when using the app on mobile devices. In this way, as we explain later, you can use WhatsApp on an Android tablet via WhatsApp Web. Follow these steps:

    1. On your tablet, open your browser and, from the options menu, activate "desktop mode".
    2. Log in to the WhatsApp web page.
    3. Scan the QR code with your mobile.
    4. Once scanned, all conversations will appear on the tablet screen.

    3. How to use WhatsApp Web on an Android or iPhone phone

    And if you were wondering: yes, you can also use WhatsApp Web on an Android or iOS mobile device . In this way, you can use your WhatsApp account on two mobile devices at the same time , one with the messaging platform app and the other with its web version. To do this, the process is very similar to the previous one:

    1. On your mobile device, open your browser and, from the options menu, activate “desktop mode”.
    2. Log in to the WhatsApp web page.
    3. Scan the QR code with your mobile.
    4. Once scanned, all conversations will appear on the screen of the second mobile and you can continue using the app on the first.

    What to do if WhatsApp Web doesn't work

    Among the most common problems of the web version of WhatsApp, there are connection problems, messages not arriving or other types of problems during the connection between the mobile phone and the computer. Although these failures can be due to a multitude of causes, these are some of the most common and you can also find the solutions:

    • Problems connecting to the phone: if your mobile has network problems or is not connected to a stable enough network, WhatsApp Web may not work. Try connecting to another Wi-Fi network - if possible - or to the mobile data network.
    • Connection problems on the computer: similarly, if there are connectivity issues on your computer, WhatsApp Web won't work and you probably need to troubleshoot before trying to reconnect.
    • Messages not received: unfortunately there is no specific cause related to messages not received via WhatsApp Web, and in this case the only recommendation they offer us from the official support page of the application, is to disconnect from WhatsApp Web and log back in again.

    WhatsApp Web: how to use WhatsApp Web on PC, tablet and phone and the best tricks

    We already know what WhatsApp Web is and how the messaging application is used with multiple users of the planet through a computer. Now is the time to get it get the most out of this utility, through various useful tips and tricks that not everyone knows.

    1. Compress WhatsApp Web to the maximum with its keyboard shortcuts

    Another benefit of using WhatsApp over the web is the ability to use a physical keyboard to write messages. This also allows you to take advantage of the platform even more thanks to a series of keyboard shortcuts supported by WhatsApp Web, which can be useful in various situations. This is the complete list:

    • CTRL+N: create a new chat
    • Ctrl + Maiusc +]: next chat
    • Ctrl + Shift + [: previous chat
    • Ctrl + E: Archive chat
    • Ctrl + Maiusc + M: Disable chat
    • Ctrl + Space: Delete the chat
    • Ctrl + Maiusc + U: mark as unread
    • Ctrl + Maiusc + N: create a new group
    • Ctrl+P: Open profile

    2. Find the emojis as fast as possible

    To write emojis without having to search for them, WhatsApp Web offers suggestions when writing a word followed by a colon “:”. In this way various emojis related to the entered word will appear.

    3. Read messages without other contacts knowing

    If you haven't turned off WhatsApp's double blue check mark, but at a specific time you want read a message without another contact knowing, you can do it with WhatsApp Web. To do this, just let the mouse cursor over the message content in the chat list, until a small pop-up balloon appears with the content of the entire message.

    4. Quickly send files from mobile to computer (and vice versa)

    Several months ago we already explained how to use WhatsApp as a personal cloud in which to store private messages and files. It is enough to create a group in which there is no one but ourselves. This can also be very useful when sending files between your computer and mobile phone quickly and without resorting to third-party services. It will be enough attach any files to the conversation, either from the web version or from the mobile app of WhatsApp, and download it on the other platform. It's that simple.

    5. Use WhatsApp like another program on your computer

    You don't need to open the WhatsApp website every time you want to use it on your computer. Indeed, it is much more convenient to use the tool in the form of a browser-based desktop application.

    To do this, once inside WhatsApp Web, you just have to click on the options menu of the browser you are using and look for the option "Create shortcut", "Send to desktop or similar". The WhatsApp icon will appear on the main screen of your computer and whenever you want to access the messaging app, you will just have to run the program as if it were any other app.

    6. Use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same computer

    Open WhatsApp Web in your browser and log in. Now, open a tab in disguise from the same browser, enter WhatsApp Web and log in with another account. Voila, you are using two WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

    7. Activate the dark mode of WhatsApp Web

    Even if everything indicates that his arrival is imminent, WhatsApp doesn't have a dark mode yet. The same goes for your web version. However, as we have seen in more detail at the moment, it is possible activate the dark theme on WhatsApp Web simply by using a browser extension and downloading the corresponding theme.

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