3 things to keep in mind before deleting a WhatsApp message

3 things to keep in mind before deleting a WhatsApp message

After a long wait, WhatsApp introduced at the end of 2017 the function most requested by its users: the deletion of sent messages. It is a very useful tool that on some occasions we have all used to delete badly written, badly written messages or written to the wrong people.

Although it is an application that we use constantly, we still continue to misuse WhatsApp. Therefore, it is possible that while deleting WhatsApp messages you do not take into account some key aspects that could compromise the purpose of the function. To help you, we explain what you should consider if you want to delete WhatsApp messages correctly.

3 things to keep in mind before deleting a WhatsApp message

If you are one of those people who usually make a mistake when sending messages on WhatsApp and you have to resort to the "Delete for all" option more than you want, there are several things you need to take into consideration to master the feature.

You have a limit of 60 minutes to be able to delete the message

The ability to delete messages sent on WhatsApp started with a limit of 7 minutes, which was later extended to 60 minutes. This is the maximum time required to delete a message sent to the other members of the conversation, even if some have already read it.

If the 60 minutes pass, WhatsApp no ​​longer offers you the possibility to delete the message for everyone, but only for you. In this way, the text, audio or video will remain on the phones forever others.

Unusable for old versions of WhatsApp

The function to delete messages on WhatsApp is only available in the most updated versions of WhatsApp. Therefore, if you are chatting with a person who uses older versions of the app, you should know that deleting messages will not work, as the function is not useful in those versions.

Remember it's better download the latest version of WhatsApp to keep it updated if you want messages to be deleted properly for everyone, as WhatsApp explains on its website:

"In order for messages to be deleted properly for everyone, both you and the recipient must be using the latest version of WhatsApp."

There are apps that restore deleted messages

Although not much talked about, there are applications for Android dedicated to restoring deleted messages from other contacts for show you their content. This way, as well as the other user quickly deletes the message, you will be able to see what it was and find out why they deleted it.

Just as you can use this app, so do the contacts you talk to. If any of these use this type of application, it will be in degree of easily see the content of the messages you delete, regardless of how long you have deleted it. This is another thing to keep in mind when deleting a message, although nothing can be done to avoid it.

How to see the messages that have been deleted?

Our first app is NotificationHistory, available for Android, it has no limitations, it always works and on every version of the mobile phones involved (battery saving, no internet etc.). Then we also have WhatsRemoved, available for Android, asks for permission to read and save WhatsApp notifications on the smartphone and records every message received.

Finally, other contacts will be able to read the message if they were in the chat before the message was deleted. 

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