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Have you ever found yourself having to cut something from an audio file using your phone? Maybe you want to convert MP3 to another format or maybe add special effects to a recording. For this, you will need to use an audio editor.

Fortunately, Android is a powerful platform with many apps that will help you do this and more. Below you will find a list of apps that help you edit audio files on your Android device.

Apps on audio editing per Android


Timbre, when you open the app for the first time, you are greeted by a simple user interface that shows all the available audio editing tools.

You can to merge audio files together, cut you depart from it, divide i file in two, change its speed or volume and even reverse the audio. If you have a file that you cannot play, Timbre will allow you to turn it to MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, AAC and OPUS, among other formats.

Scrolling down a bit will show you Timbre's video editing tools. In addition to the same basic cut, join and split options, you also have the option to add filigree to your video, create a GIF give this the resize . There is also the option to convert to MP4, AVI, FLV, WEBM, MKV or MPEG.

Timbre comes with a few extra bells and whistles, such as a text-to-speech function and a color picker. Experienced users may find the tool useful Sideboard , as it allows you to run a command line with the FFmpeg program. Among other functions, this allows you to perform batch operations and change the bitrate of any multimedia file.


AudioLab wants to be your one-stop shop for audio editing needs. It gives you the options to cut, merge, split and reverse audio files. You can also convert files to MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG and OPUS. The app also allows you to change the bitrate of a file, reducing the quality of the audio but in exchange it saves you storage space.

AudioLab comes with a library of special effects, great if you want to edit an audio file for social media or just for fun. You can record your voice with the instrument Register , use the Change voice to transform into a robot or Darth Vader or add background sound effects such as cheers or an explosion. After that, you can then add everything to a video of your choice.

If you have a lot of files that you want to convert to another format, try the tool of batch processing to convert them all at once. The instrument Equalizer gives you access to an 18-band equalizer to change the volume of a specific frequency. If you want to organize your MP3 collection, the app has a tool Tag Editor , which allows you to add or change the artist, album and cover of your songs.

AudioLab comes with a fully functional music player, complete with cards for album , artists e playlist . This allows you to listen to that MP3 collection directly from the app itself. Log in by tapping the button Play .


WavePad's layout looks very similar to that of a desktop app, and that's no coincidence. WavePad for Android is a desktop application port available for Windows and Mac, and while it may not have all of its desktop functionality on Android, it is still a very powerful editor, comparable to a DAW.

When you first import an audio file into WavePad, you will notice a smaller duplicate version of your track above its waveform. This is a tool you can use to zoom in on specific parts of a track. Right above it, you can find all the tools available on the tab you are in.

Starting with the tools on the tab Home , you will find options to import, save and export tracks, as well as undo and redo changes. The free version allows you to export your files as WAV only, but the upgrade will give you access to more audio formats.

The board Modification is where you can find the basic tools for cutting, joining, splitting and inverting. You can loop and duplicate tracks, as well as mix tracks or mute a specific part altogether. You can also access some of these tools by long pressing on the track.

In the tab Layers tools such as amplify, normalize, auto gain, compressor, fade in and out, and an equalizer are available. The equalizer lets you choose between three and eight bands, as well as a preset.

The board Effects gives you ways to add echo, reverb and chorus effects to your tracks. And if that's not enough, the menu Other effects gives you access to effects such as phaser, vibrato, doppler and distortion. You can change the speed and pitch of a track, as well as the vocals. The instrument Cleanup it has a high pass and low pass filter, as well as a noise gate.

Finally, the menu Instruments it only has two options. The first is a tool of noise removal which will allow you to eliminate sounds such as background traffic noise or hissing from an old recording. The second option is a whole library of both sound effect and music sounds that you can use on your audio tracks, from explosion sounds to classical music.

WavePad offers both a one-time in-app purchase and a subscription to unlock all features.


WaveEditor is another app with enough options to be called a mini-DAW, albeit with a user interface more suited to mobile devices. When you open the app for the first time, you are given the option to change an existing file, registrarne one of yours or convert un file in MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF e OGG.

After you open a file for editing, the app will show you its waveform, similar to other professional audio editors. At the top are the zoom tools for zooming horizontal and zoom verticale , as well as a tool of selection . Above these tools you'll see a desktop-like menu where all your editing options reside.

The menu Fillet contains an option of details which shows all the properties of the file, as well as an export option to any of the formats supported by WaveEditor. Modification allows you to copy, paste and delete parts of a track, as well as undo or redo any changes you've made. Immagine allows you to take a screenshot of the current workspace.

In the meantime, Track gives you a mute option and the ability to duplicate or add a new track to your current workspace. Macro it allows you to convert audio to mono or stereo, add a fade in or out, invert the audio or completely mute some parts of it.

Finally, Effects is where you will find most of WaveEditor's advanced features. Not only do you get effects like distortion, reverb or crusher, but you also get an eight-band equalizer, tools to adjust the volume like gain, limiter, normalization and compressor, as well as utilities to change the tone of your audio track.

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