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Namari Temple is one of Diablo Immortal's eight dungeons. It is the shortest dungeon in the game containing three rooms and only one boss to fight. This guide will give you a comprehensive overview of the Namari Temple Dungeon in Diablo Immortal.

Table of contents 1) Location of the Immortal Temple of Diablo of Namari 2) Set of items from the Namari Temple 3) Boss of the Namari Temple 4) Solution of the Namari Temple 4.1) How to defeat the torrid 4.2) How to defeat the fallen war matron 4.3) How to defeat the Siegebreaker 4.4) How to defeat perdition 4.5) How to defeat the raiders of the ash expanses 4.6) How to defeat the cold stroke 4.7) How to defeat voracity 4.8) How to defeat Sargoth

Location of the Immortal Temple of Diablo of Namari

The Namari Temple is located in the Bilefen and can be accessed once you reach level 40. This Dungeon is a little different from all the other Dungeons in the game due to its small size and the final boss encounter.

The final boss, Sargoth, randomly chooses from several mini-boss options that precede him. Plus he comes with different abilities every time he enters this dungeon.

Namari Temple Objects Set

After defeating all the bosses in the Namari Temple dungeon in Diablo Immortal, you will receive the following set of items. The difficulties with which these elements are eliminated are also mentioned in front of these elements.

  • Shepherd and Leader (Stivali) – Inferno 1+
  • The jailer (belt) - Hell 1+
  • Slit throat (neck) - Hell 2+
  • Luminary’s Urge (Mani) – Hell 2+
  • Misdirection di Mountebank (Ring) – Hell 4+
  • Resting Fangs of Shal'baas (Ring) - Hell 4+

Boss of the Namari temple

The Namari Dungeon Temple in Diablo Immortal only features one boss, but it has a twist. The Sargoth boss can summon a combo of any three mini-bosses from a list of options. We have listed all the mini-bosses that you could face 3 of before facing the real boss, Sargoth.

Solution of the Temple of Namari

There is only one floor containing 3 rooms in the Namari Dungeon Temple. We have divided this walkthrough according to the different rooms in this dungeon.

First room

As soon as you enter the Dungeon, you will encounter a group of skeletal warriors and archers. He talks to Namari in this room to trigger the fight. You will now face more skeletal warriors and archers. Kill these monsters and then collect the treasure chests that you will find towards the east and north of the room. Wait for Namari to open the barrier to the next room and enter.

Second room

Here you will meet three Skeletal Mage summoners and a Demon Warrior. Fight these monsters and wait for Namari to open the third room barrier once again.

Third room

Now in the third room, you will face three Skeletal Mage summoners. Magic shields protect these summoners until you finish all waves of undead. Once you have finished the Skeletal Mages and their summons, you will make your way to the last chamber.

Final chamber

In this Chamber, you'll encounter three random mini-bosses before finally taking on Sargoth. Here is a list of all possible summons and how to defeat them.

How to defeat the torrid

This demon performs fire-breathing attacks and also throws fireballs that are predictable. His deadliest attack is throwing explosive minions that will march towards you and then go out before you know it. They are easy to lose, so you will need to be careful of them.

How to defeat the fallen war matron

This demon generates four portals around her. She also spawns orange orbs with an aura of fire to punish those who are not in range of her melee weapon. These orbs are slowly moving towards the center and even if you manage to kill the War Matron, these orbs may still kill you, so watch out for them.

How to defeat the Siegebreaker

The Siegebreaker has a defensive wall that glows orange. You may notice that her back isn't protected at all. You may want to attack him from behind for maximum damage. Siegebreaker draws a red line to signal where she will charge, so be sure to avoid charging her as she can deal a great deal of damage.

How to defeat perdition

This demon follows the same mechanics as Siegebreaker. Please stay out of the reach of its twin blades and watch out for its telegraphed attacks.

How to defeat the raiders of the ash wastes

Sargoth will summon three of these demons and each of them will have a different ability based on different weapons. Most dangerous of all are the Sword and Shield Marauder.

Finish this demon first, then switch to the Two-Handed Ax Marauder, which performs a sweeping slash attack. Finally, kill the Double Ax Marauder, who performs a small ranged throw attack that you can finally tackle easily.

How to beat the cold shot

Coldsnap has three different types of attacks. It will spawn three frozen spheres that grow enough, then they will explode and damage everyone in the great AoE.

You have to stay away from the blast zones to avoid taking damage. Coldsnap will swing his weapon up and slam it to the ground for the second attack, slowing everyone at a distance. Finally, he will use a 180 degree cut that you can avoid by standing behind him.

How to defeat greed

Voracity is a poisonous monster whose attacks mainly consist of him somehow spraying poison in your direction to cause damage. Avoid it and focus on killing it as fast as possible.

How to defeat Sargoth

Finally, you will find yourself facing Sargoth, the real boss of the Temple of Namari Dungeon. Sargoth will have a different set of skills each time he enters this dungeon. Sargoth summons 4 Nephalem Warriors that you must AoE and avoid at all costs.

Sargoth also fires missiles into the air. He avoids being hit by these missiles by moving away from the areas marked with circles on the ground.

Whenever you see a large teal circle with runes on the ground, you must avoid and escape the area as soon as possible.

Sargoth's worst attack is when he summons frozen orbs that are explosive. You have to avoid these orbs as much as possible and avoid damage.

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