Diablo Immortal: the ideas come from all the previous chapters

Diablo Immortal Diablo Immortal: story details of how it was made

During BlizzCon 2018 the welcome for Diablo Immortal has been more than controversial, but that hasn't stopped Diablo's subreddit from interviewing Wyatt Cheng e Joe Hsu about the game. Many of the points addressed have already been reiterated several times, but there are still several unpublished details and news about the game.

  • At the moment, the skill system is focused on recovery times rather than resource management. The flow of the game is still "Diablo", but this system is not necessarily maintained in the final product.
  • In the early days of development, the game had the Resource system but it was discarded and the classes were not determined by this factor.
  • Currently there are no systems that exploit the position of the device to find nearby players. However, it is a possibility that can be evaluated.
  • The itemization of the BlizzCon demo was a temporary version, unfinished and with many shortcomings.
  • The equipment system will be interesting and will keep some of the features of Diablo III, such as the Legendaries. In addition, they are also being evaluated systems from previous chapters.
  • Instead i Equipment set I'm in a gray area right now: they understand the appeal of the Sets, but both the development team and the community have always been divided over their position in the item system.
  • In D3, the game scales from one to four players, while in Immortal the instances and many public activities are already created for multiple players. It's not just a matter of numbers, but of mechanics, map design and more.
  • For instances it is not considered the classic MMO "trinity" - tank, DPS and curator. The keys to a fight will be positioning, movement and damage.
  • At the moment, players will be able to gather in Guild to carry out the different group activities.
  • The game is intended for smartphones and tablets, so the UI will be adaptive based on the device screen. In a first build tested by Mike Morhaime, the former Blizzard president found the tablet version very convenient.
  • As already explained, cities will become player-shared hubs, like in WoW. These may have districts or special places dedicated to individual activities, but it is still too early to talk about them.
  • There will be both a full chat system, integrated with Battle.net and with different channels, is a way to communicate quickly with other players.
  • As for abilities, creatures and more, Cheng believes the 3-thirds rule is the best one to adopt when creating Immortal, that is: 1/3 of the content must be familiar, 1/3 evolved and improved, and the last 1 / 3 unpublished.

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