How to attend a virtual concert on Spotify

Spotify will host a series of virtual concerts in May and June 2021. The likes of Jack Antonoff, The Black Keys and Leon Bridges will perform in pre-recorded live streams.

Here's the full list of who performs at Spotify's virtual concerts, and how to get a ticket for one.

What are Spotify virtual concerts

Spotify hosts its own virtual concerts as a way for fans to support their favorite artists. While part of the world is reopening, big in-person live events are still a long way off. For now, Spotify sees these concerts in May and June 2021 as a way to bridge the gap. However, if they sell well, you will likely see Spotify perform more in the future.

Although the concerts are live streamed, they are pre-recorded. This means that you can purchase a ticket from a selection of times that suit you best.

You will not be able to pause, rewind, download or record the show. There will also be no reproduction on demand. You have to watch it as it is being broadcast.

Who will do a virtual concert on Spotify

Between May and June 2021, the following artists will perform live streaming concerts on Spotify:

  • 27 May: The Black Keys, performing at the Blue Front Café in Mississippi
  • 3 June: Rag'n'Bone Man, exhibition at the Roundhouse in London
  • 10nd June : Bleachers (Jack Antonoff), performing from Brooklyn to Asbury Park on a city bus
  • 17 June: Leon Bridges, performing at the Gold-Diggers Hotel in Los Angeles
  • 24 guigno: Girl in red

If you are a fan of these artists on Spotify, you should get a reminder about a week before the live stream date.

Each concert will last between 40 and 75 minutes.

How to get a Spotify virtual concert ticket

Here's how to secure a ticket to one of Spotify's virtual concerts. You will need a Spotify account to purchase one and your ticket is tied to your account and is non-refundable. This also means that you cannot buy a ticket for someone else.

  • Go to
  • Select the live stream you want to join. You can purchase tickets for multiple streams, but you will need to repeat the checkout process for each.
  • If you are not already logged into your Spotify account, you will be prompted to do so.
  • Use the drop-down menu Select now to choose the time you want to watch the live stream. Although the concerts are streamed live, they are pre-recorded.
  • Select Get ticket .
  • Confirm yours personal data , even a email address to which the purchase confirmation and the link of the live streaming will be sent. This can be different from your Spotify account email address.
  • Select NEXT .
  • Enter your payment details.
  • Select Buy ticket .
  • You are done and you will receive an order confirmation email.

The stream will open approximately 60 minutes before the advertised show time. Before streaming begins, you will receive a reminder email that contains a link to the live stream.

If you don't receive this email, you can also access the stream via Spotify. Once logged in, go to Search> Concerts , then select the event.

If you have any problems with live streaming, please contact Spotify customer support.

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