How to Create and Send a GIF using WhatsApp

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How to create GIFs using WhatsApp? How to create animated GIFs for WhatsApp. WhatsApp, how to create and send animated GIFs? Animated GIF Whatsapp Android. We've already said it a million times that GIFs are awesome. Okay, not a million times, but we've made a lot of GIF posts, which proves our love for GIFs.

Similarly, who doesn't love WhatsApp? Whatsapp is awesome. It is the most used messaging app in the world. Continue: What happens if we combine WhatsApp and GIFs?

If you don't live alone on a mountain, you already know that WhatsApp has been supporting GIFs for a long time. meaning? And that you can share GIFs from WhatsApp's embedded GIF library or even upload a new one from your gallery.

But you may not know that WhatsApp allows you to create your own custom GIFs with your videos. Yes, you read that right. However, WhatsApp doesn't have the features available in powerful GIF editors, such as selecting frames, adding text and stickers.

With this guide, you will discover how it is possible to convert video to GIF with WhatsApp. You discover how to convert video to GIF on Android using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world right now. The app was recently updated to support GIF messages.

Now, there are more GIFs to choose from the keyboard, what you don't know is that starting today you can create a GIF from a video with Whatsapp. The advantage of a GIF is that it is highly compressed, plays indefinitely and can be sent even over slow data networks. Through this tutorial, we will show you How to convert videos to GIF with WhatsApp.

Instead of resorting to other applications, you can use WhatsApp's built-in GIF Converter. In addition, many users have already installed WhatsApp, then use the application to create GIF images is much simpler and easier than installing a separate application that would also take up space in the memory of your phone.

With convert video to GIF with WhatsApp, find below a step by step guide. the GIF creator on WhatsApp can create a clip that lasts up to 6 seconds and can be converted from any video and any length. making a GIF with WhatsApp is not a difficult process thanks to our step by step guide.

How to convert videos to GIF and create an animated GIF using WhatsApp

Create an animated GIF with WhatsApp converting videos to GIF is very simple: the application itself has the necessary option, all you need is to have saved in the internal memory the video from which you want to create the animated image. Assuming that what you want is to create an animated image from a video, do the following:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application.
  2. Open the chat to which you want to send a message and click on the icon to attach a file.
  3. Click on the "Gallery" option to attach a video from your mobile.
  4. Choose the video you want to convert GIF to and click on it.
  5. Now, look at the top right of the application; you should see a button that allows you to choose between the video icon and the GIF icon. If you click on the second option, you can share the video in animated image format.
  6. Now that you have the converted video, you just need to click the "Send" button.

Unless you want to make changes to more complex images, you won't have many more options for creating a GIF from scratch than creating it from a video or, as we will explain in this section, creating an animated image from several images.

To do this you will have to download some of the applications created for this function, and you have many for both Android and iOS. Choose the one you like the most and follow the instructions that the app shows you.

You also have the option of using online tools that do not require any installation. If so, we recommend you this website, once you have created the image with the animation created, you just need to share it with WhatsApp using the procedure we explained above.

How to send a WhatsApp GIF

Once you have made the GIF you can use it to share it on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

We explain you how to share a GIF step by step:

  1. Open the File Manager on your device
  2. Go to the internal file
  3. WhatsApp - Media
  4. WhatsApp Animated GIFs
  5. Sent folder.
  6. You have created your GIF using the GIF creator in WhatsApp. Once you send it, the file will be saved locally and you can reuse it. Note that you must have the latest version of WhatsApp to convert video to GIF with WhatsApp.
  7. You will find your GIF. You can share the GIF to other platforms from the same folder or move it to an easily accessible folder.

That's it!

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