How to download high-quality Instagram photos (with and without programs)

If you are a user of the social network Instagram, surely it has passed your mind, like many others, of download Instagram photos directly to your computer in the most comfortable way. This is possible and you will be able to share them without complications after downloading them to your PC. Here you can see how to download content from Instagram, from a PC or smartphone, to be able to see them whenever you want, without getting lost and finding them at any time.

It must be said that it is possible to perform the traditional screen capture to save the image, but this is something that does not work very well as the capture loses quality and it is better to use other methods which are also very simple.

How to download Instagram photos from Android mobile devices?

In the Google application store we find a wide variety of options for download images from the social network. With these apps you will be able to save images on your mobile with a few taps, saving them in the gallery and being able to see them whenever you want.

This is a quick and easy way as the Instagram application is installed on our smartphone and we have it very close at hand.

Note that you can also download Instagram photos without the need to install any applications.

You can access the same pages from your computer with your mobile phone and paste the link of the photo to download it directly to our smartphone.

To do this, you can open this page from your mobile browser, paste the link of the photo or video you want to download and click the button. In a few seconds, we will be able to verify that the selected contents are already stored directly in the phone's memory, all in a simple and effective way.

Here are the best apps to download high quality Instagram photos.

Fastsave via Instagram

The Fastsave app for Instagram is very intuitive and does what it promises. Downloading an image from the social network has never been easier.

We will just have to download the application from Google Play, look for the option «Fixed Save Services» and activate it.

Once this is done we will have to select "You open" , which will redirect us to the account we opened on Instagram. We choose the photo we want and click on the button with the three dots and then on "Copy link" .

We have everything ready, the photo will be saved on our mobile. Please note that your profile must be public in order to download the image.


With this tool also (Downloadgram) you will be able to save as many photos as you want, from Instagram on your mobile.

For this, we will have to download the application and follow these steps.

  • Open the application and also enter Instagram
  • Select the photo you want from the social network
  • Copy the URL
  • Go back to Downloadgram and paste the link
  • Click on "Download"
  • Wait for the photo to load and select "Download image"
  • After a few seconds we will have the photo saved on our mobile


This is one of the most used and favorite apps of users of the photo social network par excellence. To be able to use it we will need a smartphone with an Android operating system.

Moreover, it is You can download both photos and videos and we can even post the pictures in our profile

To download Instagram photos we will have to follow the following steps:

  • Open the app and create a user
  • Go to Instagram and select the image you want
  • Click on the three dots in the upper left corner
  • Copy the link
  • The photo will appear directly in the app
  • Awards "Download"  and a copy will be created on our mobile

How to download Instagram pictures from iPhone?

Finally, here is an application with which you can download photos from the social network from your iPhone. This is also possible and you will be able to run it with the iOS operating system.

Here's how to do it with this application:

Fastsave – Repost photo videos

Fastsave - Repost photo videos you will be able to save Instagram photos to your gallery. It was initially designed to repost content, but it also gives us the option to save images.

For this, we will only have to copy the link of the photograph we want and click on the button "Save image". With these simple steps we will be able to see the photo in our gallery without complications.

How to download Instagram photos from PC?

To be able to save photos of this platform, directly from the browser and with the highest resolution and quality available, we find different ways and tricks, without the need to resort to any tools. You can also download videos from Instagram or even stories.

Some of these methods are simpler and more effective than others, but it is always good to know each one and choose the one that suits us best.

Browser with which you can download photos from Instagram

There are a number of browsers with which we will be able to download the contents from the social network in a very simple and fast way. Among these we find Chrome or Firefox, since they are the ones that provide us with the services to carry out this task as effectively as possible.

Here you have each of them and what you need to do in order to download multimedia content from the social network.

Download Instagram photos with Chrome

The Chrome browser provides us with a simple method by which you will be able to download the content, obtaining the photos in a size even greater than 600 × 600 pixels, the maximum size of the images on the Instagram web.

For this, we will have to follow these steps and we can already have the content on our PC. Let's go with them:

  • First of all we need to open the web version of Instagram.
  • Then we search for the photo we want to download.
  • We press the right mouse button and select "Inspect" .
  • A window opens with a menu at the top, we will have to click on "Application" .
  • We will have to go up «Frames» – «Top» – «Images».
  • A pop-up with images will open.
  • Select the one you want and right click. We choose the option "Open image in new tab" .
  • Once open, select "Save image as" and save it in the desired folder.

With these steps we will be able to enjoy the images we want, directly from Instagram to our computer in the best possible quality and resolution.

Download Instagram photos with Firefox

From this browser we will also be able to achieve the goal of downloading the images we want and having them on the PC without having to use tools or extensions.

Follow the steps below:

  • Open Firefox and select the i-shaped icon which appears at the top left.
  • Choose the arrow and click on "Connection" - "More" - "Information" .
  • In the window that opens, click on the "Media" option . There you will find all the photographs.
  • Select the one you want and right click on "Save As" and download the image to your computer.

In this simple way and by following the steps above you will be able to download the photos you are looking for on your computer.

How to download Instagram images with Chrome extensions?

The browser offers us the possibility to install extensions that facilitate and help us in our activities. One of them is being able to download photos directly from Chrome. Let's see with which it is possible.

Downloader for Instagram™ + Direct Message

This extension (Downloader for Instagram) is very useful for conveniently downloading multimedia content, it is also extremely effective and can save all kinds of photos, videos and even stories.

In order to use it, you will only need install it in your browser and perform the following steps:

  • Open the Instagram web
  • Find the photo you want to save on your PC
  • At the top right of the browser, where the extensions are, click Downloader for Instagram
  • Then select the "Download" button
  • You already have the photo saved on your computer

As easy as this, as you have seen, this application has a very simple method of having the images we are looking for directly on the PC.

Beware of foreign content

Please note that when it comes to downloading images from third parties and posting them to your account, you need to ask if there are any problems doing so, as the content is not ours. With permission or by citing the source we will avoid any problems that may arise.

Knowing this, we are ready to download Instagram photos to our computer or smartphone, as you can see, there is no shortage of methods and tools.

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