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    How to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram

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    How to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram. There are a number of reasons why a user might have you blocked on Instagram. Some decide to block their partner after they are broken up, while others don't want to show their photos to everyone. Whatever your reason, you don't know if someone (maybe) blocked you or just closed her account.

    This is why, in this article, we explain how to know if someone has you blocked on Instagram. To find out if you have been blocked on Instagram, before opening the application, type the name of the person who you think has blocked you. When you have found the person, click on them to enter their profile.

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    You should be able to see his images without any problems, if not, chances are you have been blocked or have deactivated your Instagram account.

    How to block someone on Instagram | iPhone

    How to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram

    If the person has blocked you and has an audience, you will be able to find this person's name in the search bar, but once you enter that person's profile, you will not be able to see their pictures, even if the bar top indicates that the person has recently shared pictures on their profile.

    You can use third-party applications such as Unfollowgram, which lets you know who blocked you.

    If the person who blocked you has a private account, even if you search for the person's name, it will not appear in your search, therefore, you will never find who has blocked you.

    If you're trying to see someone's profile but can't see it in your account, it's likely you've been blocked. But, if you really care about that person, you can try to view that person's profile from another Instagram account.

    If you can see the profile from another account, then you can be sure that you have been blocked. It is useless to send them a private message on their account, because if you have been blocked, the person will not receive the private message.

    Also, there is no way to know if the person has read the private message, in case they have a private account. However, you can contact the person if you think you have been unfairly blocked in a post or comment via @username from another account as well.

    In the past we have also talked about what happens if I block someone on Instagram and how to block them. Read here!

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    Other methods… to find out if someone has blocked you on Instagram

    1. Find the profile through the search

    The easiest way to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram is to search their profile. Search for the Instagram name or handle using the Instagram search.

    The three things that can happen:

    1. If you see the profile and also the posts, you have not been blocked in case of public profiles. For private accounts, if you see the profile with the message “This account is private”, then everything is fine.

    2. If you see the profile and post count, but the area showing posts shows No Posts, then yes, you have been blocked.

    3. However, if the profile does not appear in the search at all, then the person has deactivated their profile or has you blocked on Instagram. To know if I have been blocked on Instagram, you need to look at other evidence as mentioned below.

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    2. Check the profile

    When someone blocks you, Instagram doesn't delete old comments or tags from your profile. If their profile is not accessible via search, you need to use these old comments to visit their profile. If the profile shows the post count without the posts, then yes, you have been blocked.

    3. Ask your Instagram username for help

    You can view Instagram profiles via the link using any browser. If you remember the username of the person who blocked you (and I'm sure you do), replace the term username in the link with the actual username of the profile.

    So, if you are logged in from your profile, you will see the error “Sorry, this page is not available” if the person blocked you on Instagram.

    There is a slim possibility that the person may have deactivated their account. To confirm this, log out of your Instagram profile on the browser or open incognito mode and open their profile via the link. If the profile is accessible, it may not be, but if the profile doesn't open then you can rest easy.

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    4. The messages will disappear

    Blocking someone on Instagram hides the chat thread for both participants. So if you suspect someone blocking you, open Direct Messages (DM) and search for the chat thread. If the chat thread exists, you have not been blocked. But if it is missing, then it is possible that he / she has blocked you. But again, the person may have deactivated the profile and hence the chat thread is missing.

    To verify this, you need to check the common Instagram groups. Open a group chat where both of you are a member. If you can see their profile in the group and nowhere else on Instagram, then yes, you are blocked.

    5. Try following again

    Finally, if you can see their profile in some way, try following them by tapping the Follow button. If you have been blocked, you will not be able to follow the person. Tapping the Follow button will do nothing, and you'll see the same button again. Instagram won't notify him about it.

    But if they haven't blocked you, then tapping the Follow button will make you follow that person and Instagram will notify them about it. I know it's risky, but sometimes you have to take extreme steps.

    6. Check from a different phone or profile

    How to log into Instagram on your computer

    Finally, the least time-consuming and painless way is to check from another account. If you have two Instagram accounts, open their profile from the second account. And, if you only have one profile, ask a close friend or family member to search for the profile.

    If the profile opens normally, it's time to reflect on how you've been dealing with this friend who blocked you on Instagram lately.

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    How to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram Story

    Unfortunately, there is no direct way to know. All you can do is check from a different profile. This will also work if the person has a public profile. The best is to ask a mutual friend. It is possible that they are using the new Close Friends feature for Instagram Stories.

    Hope you managed to find out if you have been blocked on Instagram or not. Remember that if you can't see someone's posts, they may have just removed you from their follower list. So double check before blaming them for blocking you.

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